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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yellow Ixora

This ixora was given to me by my mum. She wanted to clear her garden and was trying her best to give away all the surplus. I wouldn't consider propagating this one. Somehow I know it thru the cuttings but there is something about ixora's. This is the one plant which gives a yellow flower in my garden.

I often come across ixora flowers and its a haven for insects, spiders and all. So much so, I just refrain from adding another storehouse for these bugs. But this one is different.
There is no major pest-control needed. The plant is happy where it sits and happy to drink any amount of water I give it to it.

Currently its in the background, near a shaded area. I'm glad to note that this plant does its best to bloom and continue the next bloom while the other one gets matures.
And Hey! Guess What? It fruits!


  1. Wow! I have never seen the yellow ixora. Probably the pests they tend to attract could be the reason why my late husband got rid of the wall of ixora plants around the patio many years ago. One plant survived to the far corner of the front lawn,lighting the lawn with its blazing red blooms.

  2. I can see why you keep this plant. Such a delicate colour.

  3. James, you are so fortunate! This yellow ixora is pretty. Btw, I think propagating using cutting would be easier than seed. All the best! And have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Thanks Paterika, Barry & Stephanie for your lovely comments. Ixora are a lovely flower and you can even do nice pressed flowers with them for making cards and deco.

  5. Your yellow ixora is beautiful. I still have my red ones that are more than 10 years old now. They still bloom profusely but the stems look rough and old. Hairy caterpillars love my Ixora plants but the Ixoras seem to be unaffected by them. Ixora is a good choice. No care is needed.

  6. Belle - I will agree with you on their everlasting bloom. Im guessing those are in sunshine area? This one is slightly shaded.
    There are some species that rarely flower.
    They used that for landscaping.

  7. I have noticed some tiny white insects on the leaves of my ixora. What I do is spray insectmspray on it. The spray kills it but they don't seem to disappear. Did u have any similar problem? Or do u have any idea how to stop this infestation from spreading.

  8. You have to spray continously for 3 days and maintain again once a week.
    They will come back again - once you stop spraying.

    James missier


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