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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Mix Feelings...opps Colours.

Its the beginning of the year,
somehow I should have the new zeal to jump start my garden.
But strangely I don't. I have in my best availability just enough to sum up some strength to water my plants once awhile, at most 2 days once.

I really don't know what happened.
Probably its the long holidays.
Well, another way to put it : Family & Friends obligations.
First it was Christmas, followed by New Year
(dinners, dinners & more dinners),
then my Brother's Wedding on the 2nd. Jan
(another few dinners again) ,
then school starts for my 7 year old just few days after that.

I have been not having my proper sleep as I need to send my son to school early in the morning.
Starting a new routine of getting everyone to bed at 10.30pm seemed like preparing the whole family to take a domestic flight! And that's the time my son wants me to tell him bedtime stories.

Its really tiring.. and I have not recovered myself from all those ordeal. I had put on weight so much on all of the celebration meals & cookies that I can't even recognise myself! I have drinking too much coffee, skipping breakfast, and drowning myself with all the junk food at the night!

And guess what,
having these snacks while watching "Biggest Loser Asia!"

Back to plants.

I have manage to sort my garden some time before Christmas, (haven't touch them since)
I've got an idea of planting coloured plants in hanging pots. Here I've got various types of Coleus, Joyweed and Purple Queen.

They have been doing so well these few weeks, it gives me sort of an indication as when the coleus droop, its time to water the garden. Somehow that really helps as I have no intention to overwater my garden.

I found that there are two types of coleus which seemed to be very hardy, they seemed to stand in the most extreme of wet & heat. Somehow these really give some colours when they greet me at the entrance of my home. I had hanged them at the side of my metal roofing, and so when it rains it receives natural water.

My concern is that it gets too much water and may requires feeding time to time.
And when its hot, its very hot and the coleus colours seemed to be worn out. However the Joyweed don't seemed to mind all that.

PS: Ahh! Yes!
This would be my 200th Post, never thought it would be so soon.

"This calls for another celebration..
or probably, should I consider a fine dining?"

Plants : "Enough dinners fatty.. lets get to work..."

This is the front part of my garden outside my gate area.


  1. Hi James~~ I know what you mean. I kind of scare myself this time of year because I severely lack the desire to be out there tackling tasks. Until March. Then there's no stopping me. Your colorful hanging baskets are a delight. Gardening should be fun.

  2. Congrats on your 200th post! I was looking at coleus yesterday evening. I was with a friend who was looking for plants for her garden. Coleus is such an extraordinary plant. Its leaves are too pretty! Good to know that they thrive well in sun and much water. Your hanging pots are cute. I have never seen coleus in hanging baskets ;-)

    I hope you will be very settled with your new routine soon. Happy reading stories to your child tonight and happy gardening also!

  3. Hey James, I find a little hiatus isn't such a bad thing. You lose some plants and others survive to a healthy maturity. No guilt. Enjoy your garden, don't let it become a chore.

  4. Take a break and enjoy it! I'm sure you'll return to it with more excitement and perhaps some new ideas. Ideas like those wonderful planters!

  5. James, this post was so amusing. I've definitely been there. Actually, I think I'm there right now. I love your coleus planters! My coleus were all fried by Florida's recent "Arctic Blast." They were planted in the ground. :( Congratulations on your 200th post!

  6. Hello James,

    Congratulations on your 200th post! Wow!

    I think it is okay to not feeling motivated or excited about gardening. Mentally, we need some time off from thinking about the garden at times. Especially after the holidays ;-)

  7. James, Congratulations on your 200th post! I If both of us are climbing Mt Kinabalu, I am only halfway up while you are reaching the peak. Your hanging baskets are lovely. Is it tedious watering them? There is no place for hanging baskets at my garden, so I envy you. Please take a relaxing break, perhaps a holiday by the beach where you don't garden for a few days. Then you'll come back feeling refreshed. I really don't want you to suffer from gardening burnout, because I always look forward to your posts and gardening advice.

  8. Everyone needs to take a break.Even the plants. I love your hanging baskets. Beautifully arranged by colors.!!

  9. Grace, Stephanie, Barry, Rainforest Gardener, Floridagirl, Noelle, Autumn Belle & Mary Delle

    Thank you for your kind compliment & your advice in taking a break. Really appreciate your comments and glad to have all of you in my garden.

  10. this is so funny! I really felt the same way about everything. I wouldn't fight the garden apathy. You'll get your mojo back. I think we just need a little rest in order to get recharged, you know? I'm a fatty too. I probably ate my cookies and cakes while reading issues of People magazines, "how to drop 2 dress sizes in a week". Eventually, the family will go back home, the sweets will be entirely eaten up, it will get warm (at least here!), and it will be time to go outside again!

  11. 200? already? Congrats! More to come, right? That's a nice array of coleus. I had them once but they withered and died. Thinking of starting over on them ...

  12. Thanks Wendy - At least, I don't feel all alone like that. Makes me feel better that we are all in the same boat (or garden rather)

    Blossom - I guess the more is going to be a little less - my blog is 70% space occupied, so its going to be very much a weekly posting.
    Coleus requires pinching off the flowers and constant replanting before the plant matures - if not they die.

  13. Hi James, you have a lot of plants there. I've seen Coleus blumei planted in big mouth containers and many tops planted, so when they grow simultaneously and without space, it looks like a dome full of wonders. You can experiment on that, very delightful! thanks.

  14. Coming to 200th post is quite a feat. I cant even remember how many posts i have churned and posted in my little vegetable garden blog... haha.. James, I love those hanging pots. Neat and meticulous.... !! ~bangchik

  15. Thanks Andrea & Bangchik.
    Coleus are an interesting plant - never seemed to get enough from them.

  16. Hi James, have been following ur blog for sometime now. It's a real inspiration for gardeners. Congratz on your 200th post. Looking at your handwork, its like a fairy land, guarded by loving protection.
    Drew - KL, Malaysia

  17. Thanks Drew for your compliment.
    Never realise that I forgot about the part when you mentioned about inspiration and a fairy garden.

    Intially I started with that idea but got too busy with everything that maintenance got a better part of me.

    Do feel free to comment - would like to hear from you more often.


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