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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red Blooms

These are the red bloomed flowers in my garden, except for the bougainvillea (which now no longer exist as it was growing in abandon areas) & the desert rose (from my neighbour's garden)

Hope you enjoy the show.


  1. Hello James! your pic are excellent. I like your Adenium and Hibiscus! I spotted Dianthus in your slide. Was it tough to grow this little plant. My friend told me that this plant will just die after a while. Many times I was tempted to get this plant.

    Btw, how's your rose plant? Mine is drown by the rain. I am not sure if it could be revived ;-(

    I wish for all your plants to bloom well and beautiful too! Have a great year.

  2. Hi James,
    This is just spectacular! I love all your blooms and I really did enjoy it! Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Wa,wa, very beautiful red blooms here. Great job on the slide presentation. I have a weakness for dianthus too, especially when they are in season at the nurseries. Can't resist the many choices and mixed colours available.

  4. Hi James~~ The cockscomb was a newbie for me last year. Darla,fellow blogger graciously sent me seed. I was thrilled with the results. I can see it is one of your favorites too. All your photos remind me of how much I miss summer.

  5. Hello James,

    I love the selection of pink and red blooms. I think the Hibiscus is my favorite.

  6. Love the slide show! Red hues are my favorites in the garden!!!

  7. Wow! What a lot of plants we grow in common! What's your latitude?

  8. Stephanie & Belle - Thanks, my Hibiscus blooms like once a week. As for Dianthus its challenging too. The trick is to propagate them before they die in the parent plant. Do take few cuttings and replant them. The need good feeding and well-watering. Also do deadheading as without it, will cause the plant to mature faster & die.

    A little neglect can kill them during the first week after planting.

    My rose plant is doing fine, they have not bloom yet as I have not used any fertiliser yet.

    Rosey, Noelle & Floridagirl - thanks for your compliment.

    Grace - My cock'scomb didn't survive nor did I manage to get the seeds as it rained almost everday. The flower withered and the plants died. Nevertheless, I enjoyed that few weeks of glorious red.

    Penny - yes we do. Im in Malaysia, in the south east part of Asia, has a geographic coordinate that reads 2° 30' North latitude and 112° 30' East longitude. Very much near Equator.

  9. love your photos. what a paradise.

    you had posted on my blog and i can't find a way to email you. i didn't understand if you wanted all your posts left up or deleted when you said to "ignore my other posts." please delete this after you get it. my email address is jessakaslade@att.net


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