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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Common Ones

Location: Orchid Garden in Kuala Lumpur.

These are the most common orchid that are usually found in most gardens here. Its sold for a very cheap price usually 3 pots for RM10.00.
These are Hybrid Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, they look like moth orchid but much more hardier then the true phalaenopsis.

They are sun lovers, they can manage in semi-shade area. Dendrobium stores its food in its cane just like Cattleya in its pseudo-bulbs. So be careful of keeping the roots soggy as that will cause root rot. Allow the roots to dry before the next watering.

Very often I have seen these orchids hanging on the fence where the leaves had dropped and the stem just drying up by neglect. Eventually these will be thrown away because of their unattractive appearance.

Note how the healthy roots should look like. There are an ecosystem of moss, fungus and probably microbes all living together in these exposed root system.
Before buying any orchids, always check the roots. These will tell you whether the plant had established its root system or a new plant just putting out its roots.
Sometimes the vendor may remove an orchid plant and reposition it in a new pot and put it for sale. If the plant had not settled & secured it roots, it will create an additional stress as the plant had to adapt to new location & environments.

These are Bamboo Orchid (Arundina graminifolia), very much a native plant here seen growing along roadsides. It look very much like reed like bamboo plant.
I have seen the miniature type sold in the supermarket where its just about a few inches and put out few flowers. I guess the flowers do not last very long.
This would definitely look good for those who have a grass theme plant in the garden, bamboo's, reeds & orchid bamboo goes well together.


  1. Wow those orchids, kind of reasonably priced. Like you, I have to clear and re-arrange my garden to make space for them. Oh, I just thrown my Arudina bamboo orchid that I have gotten from the roadside. Not only its stem tend to break after the rain, the root requires a lot of soil! When I pulled out from the pot, the roots filled up the entire pot! So, plant them into the ground is better. This I do not have. So, no choice, got to toss them away ;-(

  2. James, are these orchids from the orchid shop there or from the garden itself?

  3. Stephanie - sad to note that the bamboo orchid have to go, often I give the plants which I don't want to my office mates or friends.
    Right now, my garden is in a terrible mess and its been raining everyday & just have no mood to do anything except watering occasionally.

    Belle - the 1st & the 8th pic. is from the shop. The Bamboo Orchid is at the Canopy Entrance, the rest is in the canopy covered area by the stairs

  4. James, my Honest Scrap Award is up now. Thank you very much for this Award.

  5. It has been muggy and very hot, enervating, and the best time is early morning at sunrise to water the garden in the cool time. It rains a little nearly every night but so hot I have to top up the roses every second day. How my garden feeds my soul. The monkeys visit and my little dog gets very excited, barking at them and I have to rescue her in case they attack. From Durban, South Africa.

    1. Wow!!
      That is truly an interesting life on there Desi.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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