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Monday, March 12, 2018

Orchid updates

I hope I'm not boring you on my orchid post.
I just got too excited to see their explosive blooms in these few weeks time.
Just love the arrays of spikes after spikes of orchid blooms/
Just love this particular variety of phals X doritis species.

Here the flower is draping with dumbcane as a fore-background

I was very careful this time as not to snap off the flower spike while taking this picture.

Then the two more new spikes came out..
I was hoping a different species but its the same as the first one.
Well, at least now its blooming - I now know what are they..
(earlier I was totally clueless of what I was keeping for years)

Somehow I find this light coloured from the first one..
Talking about being critical (and hoping that they are two different species)
But they are not..😝

Regardless, it is (still in bloom after 2 weeks) a pink beauty..
Just love the colour contrast (wait for it)
With the blood red one below..

I had to get a chair to get a eye view for this one.
It had gone too tall for me to reach it, let alone taking its picture is quite a feat
(not to damage anything while taking this picture or shall I say...
No orchids were harmed during these shots)

I can't get enough of these blooms..
And currently they are getting taller by the day.
Perhaps I will take another when they are at the peak of this blooming season as most of the buds are still unopened.

I love the comparison part on the size and colours.
Just amazes me on how well they look regardless.
I have to handle this cautiously less they snap and broken.

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  1. Brilliant! and what dainty, delicate looking flowers. Love them!


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