Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

An Aquatic Encounter

This is my humble aquatic collection
Or perhaps the ones that can tolerate water on it.
I find that philodendron, pothos sygnonium and (Epipremnum aureum sp.)
commonly known as money plant here.
The basics of keeping them as a common thought
is to put them in a cup filled with water
with few coloured stones or marbles
(You would had seen them on the receptionist desk top)

My Lady White found mesmerised in her contemplative thoughts..
I would say..
"What a journey of life, the ways of the water..
Trinkle and flow, pushing and moving forward,
like a stream - like is travelled on one way journey..
Ahh.. yes..
Refreshing, life giving and food for thought..."

And to add more colours,
I had added goldfish in the midst of the guppies that I had it earlier.
I find that I can see the reds and gold and it really gives me pleasure
To see something swimming with the sound for trickling water

The fern had eventually adjusted to itself and growing well.
After I removed the heavy shrubs that covered all the sunlight..
(Earlier I had bird nest fern, hoya, dischidia and all the creepers
that blocked all the sunlight from here)
This one is now doing nicely.

These are some of the collection that I managed to find.
I often get tempted to buy more of this and add body this place.
Somehow, keeping a same species with different colours and shapes gives a feeling of fullness.
As I would give advice to new beginners who started gardening:

Always find what you "Feel" in your Garden.
That is your first clue of your own personal garden.
What you feel?
If that makes you happy and you found that connection - then go for it.

And so,
My connection came with a combo of plants here.
Neatly compacted and I don't have to worry of over-water or underwater/
And they don't go invasive trailing everywhere.
Just neatly in their own spaces.

I had to separate the aquatic plants as these goldfish started consuming them and reducing the population of my guppies in this space.
Hopefully the net separation makes some difference here.

I seriously need to come up with a new solution for this as the goldfish finds invading into this space and eating up the aquatic plants..


  1. You have a magical little tropical garden! Things have to managed, but you do it well, like separating the plants from the fish. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh, I meant to say I'm from San Antonio, Texas, USA ...

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed viewing my little garden


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