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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Cascading Effect

It's just not so noticeable.
I know - no matter how much I try - the camera effect don't seemed to capture the beauty that I want to portray here.
You know what they say - Beauty beholds on Eye of the Beholds..
I guess its the same on my case. 

I like small stuff, especially the fine, minute pieces of leaves...
How shall I describe this - Majoring on the details?
I think that is the beauty in this - that's how I see it.

Baby tears (Pilea Depressa)

 The colours are another thing,
The vines red - the leaves silver?
How can I begin to describe this?
The best part - they came small.

Red Stem Tears
Pilea glauca 'Aquamarine'

Indeed, that;s the cascading effect.
You don't see it in the small details - when they make up for the volume:
The unifying factor of mass and volume create the sea of cascading beauty in another song of art.
That is a song waves that sways with the wind of times..
Again, a beauty that I see it - interesting.

Arranging them that they don't die at the top..
And the pieces dangling, almost surviving is one of the challenges faced.
Regardless - there is an art, a living beauty..
The joy to see that they survive still for one more day.

I had totally lost for words for their species names.
I guess - keeping track of their identity is quite a feat.

Basically - its of a Tradescantia species, some are succulents.
Creeping Charlie which often mistaken for mint.
Water Melon Begonia which not a begonia at all
and Turtle Vine plant which does do well by the drainside.

Trailing Watermelon Begonia (Pellonia repens)

Turtle Vine (Callisia repens)

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