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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Flame Violets - Episcia Cupreata

This is my love-hate relationship. I love - she hates.
And I mean she hates me everything.. 
No matter what I do - something is just wrong with her..
She doesn't bloom, suddenly shuns away and shrivel at the corner..
Refuse to stay put - putting up tantrums (ahem.. tendrils) everywhere..

And so, I had put her at the corner, untouched.
I just admire from away..
See no touch - kind a person..
I can't begin to describe her..
Elegant hand - soft and with features..
Even with her wrinkles - any grandmother would wished her ageless beauty.
Such is her inner beauty that dawns a scarlet blooms.
Her heart bleeds roses that shine like cherry berries.
(Have I said too much... Oh.. such secrets..)

Anyway, I managed to keep some Burgundy and some greens..
Some petty sweet red lipstick coloured flowers..(this is where she kisses me)
And then..
Somehow, we managed to share our garden together.
She on the corners.. only cornered. 

There are days when I really thought she kissed me goodbye..
And that's when the love grows even more stronger..

I'm pretty sure other gardeners who had finally found her secrets:
She does well growing on Sphagnum Moss (as medium)
and liquid fertiliser and guano manure.
Somehow - I tend to ignore her -that's when I know I had lost her.
She is long gone dead..
(left me with hate letters - dried leaves reminding me of my negligence)

Just being hopeful..
I'm pretty sure someone stole her.
But to begin with...
She is indeed a rare breed.

so far she survived for these few years.
I remember having many species of this kind - the beautiful ones had long gone,
I suspect the more intricate they are: 
The more sensitive and difficult its going to be.

She is so secretive..
Many don't even know her name.
Finally she revealed herself to me, by then its about to be too late.
She kept me hanging too long and I had past forgotten to seek her.
That's when she revealed her true colours...

And she signed,
Flame Violet.
...the one that I envied so far.

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  1. hi james,wonderful post on flame violets,never knew these secrets hidden behind these plants.I bought two times it didnt survive.Now i know the secrets by reading ur post.Thankyou for sharing info


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