Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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There is something very serene and stable when I come and spend time in my Garden. These are my quiet moments where I seek God - listening and finding myself in that reflection. There are times when I'm not able to blog, If you have any questions or queries Do seek me out in Facebook and I will try my best to help you out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Epiphytes Blooms - Orchids & Bromeliad

It felt forever for me to get into blogging,
the worst scenario was I had forgotten my password
and not even sure what email I was using.

I had to dig up a stack of papers of which I thought
I had placed my passwords and email that goes with it.
I felt lucky that I manage to retrieve it,
now its all about getting into the hang of blogging
I realise that it is matter of habit - you stop and you loose it...

So, for those who were patiently waiting for me
and was wondering what happen to me -
well, lets just say I got busy and weeks went into months
and a change of lifestyle and commitments brought one to another.

Regardless, my garden is constantly thriving (whether I'm busy or not)
There are always something beautiful to discover in my garden
When I look for it - it truly rewards me.

This Cattleya Orchid is blooming for the first time in my garden
followed with the Bromeliad bloom
Truly natures wonder.
These are part of my hanging garden.

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