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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sg.Buloh Nursery Shopping - Cactus

It is indeed a joy to get them.
(the reserve is true when they die)

I braved myself in getting the Rosemary
and planting them together with my cactus and succulents.
Watering them once a week seemed like a good plan
as I manage to survive and grow some cuttings.
(more of a trial and error factor and found that weekly watering works fine with them)

This time - I manage to get Living Stone plant (Stone crop)
It was a bit expensive - RM10 but I think its reasonable compared to the size of the plant. It would had taken ages for them to grow by seed.

I also re-pot and separated all these and sorted them respectively in their own spots.
So far - after checking yesterday (5 days later) the looked ok.
I guess its more like 2-3 weeks that I can truly say that they had adapted well in my garden.

Currently there is this strong dry spell these few days.
Normally I water my garden once or 2 days once but now I have to do it twice a day.
Hope this doesn't change anything for my hardy plants in my balcony.

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