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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Begonias Species - Collection

One of the scariest things about begonias is
that you will never know when a species is gone.
It happens sometimes,
more of a case where more than once didn't really pay attention to them
and found them suddenly missing.

There were cases where an unknown rodent bit off all the leaves
and build a nest using my precious leaves.
Other pest like snails and slugs never seemed to leave them alone
(making holes on them)
Indeed everyone seemed to love my poor limited leaves of these begonias.

True enough - against the odds of the weather,
(too much rain at times and too much heat - blazing heat)
can be also stress for them.
Being vigilant at this season determines
whether they survive for the coming year
or just become a history material
: Once upon a time in the garden - this plant was.

I have yet to identified these species.
Its a bit hard when many of them are hybrids.
Regardless - I still love these begonias.
They are a wonderful thing when you get the right environment for them.

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