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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Begonias - New Addition - Jan 2015

I manage to get them from the Sg.Buloh nursery last Sat.
(10th Jan 2015)

One of my joys was to find this rare piece
(They normally don't sell Cane Begonias)

These however was camouflage as a hanging plant.
The set-up was bad
(What do you expect something that grows tall)
The plant was overgrown and the hangers was not stable.
Watering would prove difficult as everything flushes down instead of dripping out from the drainage hole.

I observed this for 3 days and the flowers and leaves started to show signs of stress.
I immediately repot them - only to find the whole thing was planted using coco fiber.
The whole root had matured and fully enveloped everything.
I had to break and tear apart all the roots and replant them into a better medium

After two days - the plant still look good.
(The danger zone is over and I can now celebrate)
Now I'm hoping all the rest of the cuttings make it as it can be challenging
especially during these hot and dry spell going on these few days.

I also manage to unpot and separate the rhizome begonias into my existing collection
(last two pictures)
So far - they appear to be fine.
I can only be sure they all are out of the stress zone after a weeks time.
Until then - Its more of a trial and error.

Speaking of which - it would be definitely a waste of money
 if I just leave them be on the pots.
They would surely would have died given a few weeks time
and would had set rot at the root level and it would be too late to salvage anything.

My suggestion:
Always check the soil medium.
If you can - change it for better fast draining type for a longer life span of your begonias.
(of course - this applies to T&C - some begonias just die no matter what you do)

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  1. The flowers are beautiful, but the foliage -- wow, the foliage is magnificent! Thank you for the lovely photos. All your pictures are much enjoyable as always.


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