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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Orchid Hangers

I'm pretty sure you had seen and read all my write up on Orchids.
For the record - none of these orchid died on my care.
I would say - it would had been almost a year now since I got them.
I'm hoping that they might soon to flower.
Again - its another discipline to constantly follow on the fertiliser regime.
I for one - rarely spray and if I do - it would be a monthly matter.

What is important for me is to see these plants survive and thrive.
And that's what they are doing.
These Phalaenopsis Orchids seemed to be happy with healthy roots and leaves
without any use of pesticide or fungicide - something that I prefer not to use at all.

My style
Is to wash down excess water and let them dry off.
The ones sold in the nursery tend to squeeze and cover up all those roots
which somehow tend to rot and cause the orchid to die.
Here - they are totally exposed.

Also there are other orchids here.
I'm just hoping the blooming time to come soon.
Its been awhile since many of these had bloomed.

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