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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Paradise Tree Snake

Where there is a garden, there tend to be a wildlife.
Mine is close to a jungle and these should be common
but somehow I found that they are now rare.

These pictures were taken some time ago.
During the hot and dry spell followed by the forest fire had driven these poor creature
to the edge of extinction.
If these were found nearby a housing area - they will definitely will meet the fated end:
killed without no reason.

Poisonous or not - people fear snakes.
And better be safe than sorry,
these creatures were not shown any mercy.

The story here is that one day on fine hot afternoon,
I saw something creeping through my bromeliad collection.
I thought I saw a tail and dashed to take my camera.
And manage to snap these.
Most of the pictures where of a low quality - these ones seemed ok.

Just as it came in few seconds - it's gone.
I guess it was just a nice time for me to get this one on camera.

What do you think?
Lovely like a Jewel?
Yes - its is mildly venomous but its poison can't harm us.
Its meant to kill small animals like frogs and lizards.

Of course - I dare not catch and play with it.
I wouldn't able to tell the difference if it was a viper.

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