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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dischidia species

Dischidia is considered something like an acquired taste.
Something that is sought after by collectors who are just seeking for these types of plants.
These are like orchids and hoya - plants that doesn't well on trees.
The only thing is that it is misunderstood as a weed.

Someone else thought it was a parasite.
Another - a wild thing that creeps on branches.
It is indeed an acquired taste.

Not many are sold in the nurseries.
When these are sold - its often identified as a unique plant.
Indeeed Dischidia have yet to make itself popular.
Those who own one will testify that they do feel proud having them.

Because they are not easy to get in the market.

One thing though,
It does trigger childhood memories of something known as "Duit-Duit"
Something that dangles up on the branch and you can't reach to get it.
And that is something I often admire and wish I can get my hands on them.

What do you think?
Do you fancy - creeping, cascading dandling stuff such as these.
Do share your thoughts.

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