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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bromeliads Updates - 1

Its always fun when you get that exotic mood to do something creative and somehow you just know that it will work out fine. Of course - minus the mess and frustration of what you thought it should be like and what it end up with.

There was for many instances where I end up redoing it over and over again.
As long as the plant don't mind (that is the stress) then it should be ok.

I for now had ran out of space.
Figuratively speaking,
my wife complains that she don't want to see any plants on the ground.
(Ironic isn't it?)
(How on earth can a plant NOT grow from the ground?)
Well, That is the challenge:
Keeping everything vertical and beautiful at the same time.

My main concern is the weight of the whole Composition.
Too heavy and everything can come down crashing - the other is Balance.
Too much and something is going to overlap or over shadow the other.

Somehow - it turned out fine.
My concern was that it was too green.
This is the Part 1 - of the unfinished work.

More to come in this Theme.

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