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Friday, July 4, 2014

Propagating Rhizome Begonias

I had already come to conclusion that its going to be very challenging to grow begonias using an conventional style - that is using soil as a growing medium.
I'm pretty sure that would come to a shocker to many people:
"What!! You don't grow using soil??"

I intend to keep my begonias for years and I find that begonias don't last like this.
Not in my garden anyway..
These are the remnants and casualties that had succumb to rot and dying.
I was worried that I'm totally going to loose some of the rare species - especially this Black Velvet Begonias, something that is not easily available from the nurseries -
and if they are - they might be expensive.

Coming back to these:
These pictures below are step by step direction of how to go about it.
I would suggest that you do this with your spares.
And if you do see any difference
between the soil based ones compared to the pebbles type.
You would totally agree with me the this works.


Begonia roots.
Fine hair like coming out from the rhizome.

Step 1: Get a bag of pebbles, small size stones.
Make ready the pots you intend to plant -
I'm using hanging pots for the water to drain out easily.

Step 2: Fill half of the pot with pebbles.
Arrange and line up the rhizome begonias
to the horizontal length of the pot and place them flat
and fill up few more pebbles to line the side surface but not to bury them totally.

Step 3: Hang them in a semi-shaded area and water them daily.
Check the pebbles before watering.
If you find that the pebbles are still wet, cool and moist - do not water.
Only water when you find them bone dry.
Best ideal rule - Once a day on a wet rainy day.. Twice a day on a sunny day.
Please understand that they are actually just sitting on pebbles.

Step 4: Apply organic fertiliser a week later.
Some rhizome might not pick up the growth.
The ones that do - will make a huge recovery and fast growth.
From here - you can make new cuttings and propagate more plants.


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