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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Colourful Foliages

There is a an optical trick that many fail to see that that colours can actually
confuse the mind into thinking that they are flowers.
The mind paints the picture that colours only belong for the flowers but in this case they are actually leaves.
That is paradox of nature - where there in the wild everything is actually green.
That's why - this is my garden - where I choose something that is different from the norm.
And a bit challenging - rather than the boring, everything green.

Again, I'm pretty sure - I had mentioned a lot about foliage.
I realised that men like foliage and women especially flowers,
but of course - there is always an exception when comes to gardening.

Here presented are my collection of Aglaonema, Coleus and Caladium.
Aglaonema is very stable compared to the other two.
They can be quite unpredictable:
Coleus requires constant propagation less they mature and die
Caladium on the other hand - goes dormant season to season.

Regardless their nature, on thing for sure.
They really brightens up the garden giving a fresh brilliant colours in the garden.

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  1. Hey James. I actually have some of the same cultivars of aglaonema and caladium as you. I like both plants but hate when caladiums go dormant.


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