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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Blue Frog Set Arrangement


One thing about gardening that most of the gardeners who had realised or if its going to be a revelation to you (if you are a new gardener) is this one fact:
The Garden always constantly changing.

Its either the plant had outgrown the pot, passing maturity, needs pruning, reset or requires a make-over. Here is a make-over where I'm adding an addition plant - Maiden Hair Fern which was passed to me by my mum.

As you can see - I want to add some compact-ness in the whole collection rather than leaving it in a separate pot which somehow looks so messy.
Before I get over the details - I would like to share some of my secrets as how to keep them in a good optimum stage.

(Pic above)
This is a how it looks like after carefully removing the plants from the pot.
I found the because this pot only have one drainage hole - the soil seemed to be clay-mud like when over-watered. One of the dangerous thing about over-watering is that it can cause root rot and the end of the plant.

The root of the matter is the soil composition.
Its always important to check on the soil to identify how fast/draining is the soil.
This is one reason I add more sand into the soil mix to give the fast draining factor for the soil composition.

The picture below appears to be that the soil is very much clay based compared to any other soil mix.

After adding sand into the current soil mix and resetting back the plants the frog figurine appears to have a more dramatic effect with the Maiden Hair Fern as its background.

The EarthStar Bromeliad seemed to give a soft bronze-red notes to the whole collection with Xiphidium Caeruleum holding a barrier between the fern and the frog.


  1. Happy New Year James! Mr froggie looks absolutely happy in your garden. And I can see that your plants are happy as well. It's a good combination of plants and they look really nice together.

    1. Happy New Year to you Stephanie!
      Yes.. the Garden is slowly improving - getting better & better by the year.
      Glad to have a support from you too Stephanie.


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