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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Red Blooms in My Garden

A lot can be said about this collection.
One thing for sure - they truly colour my garden with loud shouts of red, violently screaming for attention. Somehow they had become permanent residents where they bloom constantly without any extra care (except for daily watering)

I had few times failed to water them few days and still managed very well.
Here in this collection:

1) Indian Head Ginger (Costus woodsonii)
2) Firecracker plant  (Russelia equisetiformis)
3) Powderpuff plant (Calliandra species)
4) Thai Ruellia - (Ruellia elegans)
5) Bleeding Heart Vine  (Clerodendrum Thomsoniae)
6) Ground Orchid  (Spathoglottis plicata)
7) Cane Begonia
8) Ylang-ylang - drawf variety
9) Ice plant - Dorotheanthus sp.
10) Jewel of Opar - (Talinum paniculatum)

I would say that these are truly hardy plants and I would recommend them in your garden.
(cxcept for the Ground Orchid - they are a bit tricky but once you get them established - they bloom continuously)


  1. James, you have quite a range of red blooms (my favourite colour for flowers). You are lucky to be living in the tropics - everything grows so well. I try to grow tropical plants in less than ideal conditions.

  2. Hi James, I've actually grown a few of these! Clerodendrum tomasoniae and the Ice plant, although the one I have is variegated. I protected both plants when it got really cold last month. I hope they perform well this summer. I love red flowers and yours are amazing. Great photos!

  3. Nice assortment of red blooms. I'm not a big fan of red but you can't escape it in the Tropics.

  4. Wonderful flowers and so beautiful colors.


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