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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Glory Lily - Gloriosa Superba

This is something that I truly admire.
A flower that appears to be upside down.
Something that you don't see everyday when it comes to flower.
Of course - some flowers do like Cyclamen &  Fuchsias or other pendant clustered type of flowers but these kind are rare & difficult to cultivate in the tropics

Coming back to this Glory Lily.
They are normally found in the wild, roadsides creeping along the fence and open fields tangling on other shrubs and trees.
The most difficult part is getting them in your garden.
I had found that these were not sold in nurseries. (not that I had come across)
You see - these are considered weed in my region.

The other factor is their stigma.
They are considered poisonous. Every part of them.
Somehow it had found its domain growing well in the thick growth around abandon areas. They had not made a comeback in most gardens.

Some places around the world try to eradicate them - blacklisting them as invasive plants. I for one would love these to invade my garden.
After all, these are native to my region.

Few factors about this plant.
These cannot be propagated using any other plant parts except the rhizome.
You would be lucky if you can get your hands on their seeds.
The other factor about seeds is that some of these tend get sterile and the patience to see them germinate and even after that - not all would survive in the ordeal of getting into maturity.

The other only option is digging out these plant saplings at the base roots of the parent plant. Here you would find many sprouting out around the rhizome is truly invasive.

I had managed to pass few rhizome and plant-lets to few of my friends.
Only two plants appear to be managing fine.
(Though it appear to be very sickly in my point of view - last two pics)
Hopefully it would stand durable and prove me wrong that it would be a resilient plant as it suppose to be.

They tend to go dormant once awhile and so the other factor is that dormancy can prove fatal if the medium is too soggy causing rhizome rot.
(Especially around the tropical zone)
Fast draining poor soil is recommend for this plant.

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