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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Wreath in the Tropicals

It would have been an impossible task to decorate for Christmas.
Not unless its been put in a priority list when it comes to November and with many setbacks which comes with other urgent matters interrupting almost everyday.

That how it was last Christmas.
Barely made it putting up with the Christmas Tree and a mishap happen when my elder son topple over it while decorating and broke the tree's fragile tripod legs. I have manage to set it properly - sandwiching it between the sofa and the coffee table for stronger support.
The Tree had finally served its purpose for these few years.

This Year is very much on the count-down measuring up to the undone cleaning sessions that gives me the horror. (Reminds me of Nightmare before Christmas)
It is truly difficult when only one person in the family does everything  in the house.
All is not lost. The most important thing is planning and keeping a tight schedule of being busy and focus in getting things right.

 My Tips for Surviving Christmas:

1) Keep it Simple.
If anything or everything gives you stress - cut it down.
Don't over-spend just because you feel obligatory do so.
Presents can be expensive - therefore buy practical useful items.
Budget on the prices and work on the quantity.
Its better to give to many people (quantity) than only to one but an expensive gift (quality)
If you don't have the finance or the time to work on the gifts then just skip it.
Christmas is more than just giving gifts..
(Last year - I totally skipped giving gifts)

2) Do Something New.
Don't put the same old Christmas decoration year after year.
You know the feeling of nostalgia mixed with festive season gives you a hopeless depressive feeling of old.
I remember a friend mentioned to me a very practical tip.
Just buy One decorative item a year.
It would be a memorable moment for that year and years to come.

If you had focused last year on the Christmas Tree, perhaps focus on something else as your main theme for the decor. It would truly make a difference in your mood.

3) Finally - Enjoy Christmas

The most important thing is spending time with your loved ones.
And Enjoy Christmas..
There is no point being all worked doing everything and end up being more stressed & feeling cheated burning oneself off year after year.

This is something new that I did for this year:
A Christmas Wreath.


1) The Big Round - One round thick wire. (to tie up the frame)
2) One roll of thin wire (to tie up all the plant materials on the frame)

Plant Matter:

1) Old World Fork Fern or locally known as Resam (Discranopteris linearis)
2) Norfork Island Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla)
3) Juniper sprig
4) Chinese Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis)
5) Rose of India flower buds
6) Cinnamon leaves and fruits
7) Bottle brush sprig.
(I'm not sure whether if it is the same species but it appeared to be so)


1) The Big Round
You can use a coat hanger wire and make it - into a round & the hanger hook to fastened it to where you would like it.
Alternatively you could cut and roll the thick wire to the desired size.
Normally it would be the size of the inner void circle you would like to have.
The bigger the circle - the more materials you would need to loop around it.
So it is best to keep it small as it is easy to loop the small wire around it while working with the fresh materials.

2) Place the bigger pieces first - here it is the ferns and the larger sprigs tied alternatively with a small wire which is been looped around it. Its also best to re-loop the wire in a small cardboard in which you could grasp it easily while looping the leaves around the main circle.

This is my first time making a wreath. I manage to fasten them well without any breakage or mess. Its easier than it looks but truly it was satisfying to make one such as these.

I made it all evergreen to suit the Christmas theme.
Although I'm staying in the tropical, these are so easily available around my region.
I have yet to fastened any of the Christmas ornaments on them.
Most likely I would do so this weekend when I have more time in my hand
(searching for them in the store room might take forever, that is if you have a messy store room)

These fresh leaves, pine and ferns can retain its colour for few weeks before turning brown. So its best to keep them indoors or do these wreaths few days before when you have the festive gathering.



I didn't want to throw the extra materials and
so I placed them in the Christmas theme paperbag.
The one fastened on the flower stand were actually used for last year Christmas.
(These are truly durable - nothing is wasted)

My youngest son picked one of these broken flowerbuds (from the main branch) and wanted to leave it outside for the squirrels. I told him that this is not an acorn. He looked at me puzzled and continued to place it carefully by the front porch.


  1. unusual to see a wreath made of tropical plants... but I must say it's quite attractive.. by the way... your process for making the wreath, a wire coat hanger, is identical to the way I do it. Great minds think alike!

    1. Christmas wreath made from fresh material are considered rare here.
      Most of them are usually made from artificial materials.
      Thanks for the compliment.

  2. I love your beautiful green wreath....mmmmm......and I have that type of fern in my garden as well but have never thought of using it for wreath......I am thinking now about making a wreath.....thank you for your example. Have a lovely Christmas with your family and yes...enjoy a frugal Christmas so that there are not bills still to pay for it in the new year. aloha

    1. Try it Stellamarina.
      You will surely enjoy them.
      And have a lovely Christmas too in your place.

  3. I love your very innovative and interesting Christmas wreath! Btw, how long will it last in our tropical heat? Do you have to keep misting it?

    1. These are kept indoors.
      They can last in their optimum stage at least more than a month but I would remove them after 2-3 weeks.
      I do not mist them - though it might be helpful.
      I don't intend to keep them fresh rather more of a dry arrangement plant - they stay green in colour when they are totally dried for few months.

  4. Your lovely wreath is so original and captivating, James! Great tips for Christmas preparation too.... your first tip to keep it simple is spot-on for John and I. Our Christmas tree for this year is a simplified version… bought a new 4ft fibre optic tree with colorful LED lights that needed no further decor, beautiful and captivating as is. Hence, donated our previous tree, complete with ornaments, lightings, etc to a relative who's so very happy to receive them. Previously, we'll spend about 4 hours to decorate our tree, now it took us less than half an hour to put it up... we're so thrilled with the change! ;)
    Wishing you and your family a superb Christmas. May your home be warmed
    by the light and love of Jesus, your hearts wrapped in His peace and your New Year 2014 filled with His overflowing joy.

    1. I guess the stress free and simple is always NO:1 factor when it comes to everyday life matters.
      Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful promising New Year to you Jacq & John.
      Glad to have a cyber friend here who I can share all about gardening and plants and all.
      Catch up with you next year!!


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