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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garden Update - August 2013

On my earlier post, I mentioned about the Bleeding Heart Vine.
Just around the corner these are the other residence that somehow forms the background around it.
I often prune and braid these vines and my other plants become visible once again.
Here are the residence:
Variegated Bougainvillea, Firecracker plant & Variegated Costus.

My Ground Orchid seemed to going strong for another month. I noticed more flower spikes sprouted.
Its been a little more of a jungle here and may have to find a weekend or a holiday to reset this area again.
Time seemed to be a big issue in gardening.

When I find the time, as always: its always raining.


  1. It's nice to see your spathoglottis doing well. I know you had problems with it in the past.

    1. Yes they are doing so well even now.
      I'm happy to see them bloom in their new location.

  2. Your ground orchid is a beauty :-D

  3. Your bougainvillea is very rare, James... variety is 'Bengal Orange', I think and the leaves will be more prominently variegated in full sun.
    Have your Variegated Costus flowered before? Potted or on ground and how long has it been with you as I see them in your blog header too? Sorry, too many questions... I was tempted to buy one a couple of months before but not sure whether it's the variegated form of Costus speciosus. Beautiful blooming orchids and firecracker too.

    1. 1) Really - that Bougainvillea variety is rare?
      Wow!! Thanks for naming it.
      "Bengal Orange" - sounds really exotic.

      2) Mine had not flowered yet.
      I had collected it from the wild - growing wildly near the dumping area. There they flower.

      Since they are planted in a pot - they seemed to be thin, slender and long. When planted on ground - they become
      well defined.

      I have been having them ever since I planted them.
      Should be about 4-5 years now. I didn't replant them nor disturb the base/root rhizome of the plant.
      Doing pretty fine all these years.

      They do need more sunlight - don't do well in shady area.

    2. Thanks for responding, James. Love the Variegated Costus but can't have it in our garden due to ground constraint.


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