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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Apart from its difficult name - I always find it difficult to pronouns or spell it correctly. 
Ant, Thursday and something that ends with an aquarium. 
Well it is not like that...

Even the blooming time and care is quite challenging.
If they get too much sun - the leaves get burned but if they don't get enough sunlight - the flower never seemed to bloom. 
What a paradox!

Nevertheless, these Aroids are from a family that comes with another host of other plants that have almost the same type of flowers and foliages - in this case the flower that have a cup-like-hood with a stick attached to it.

I guess breaking it down to laymen terms is much easier to understand that putting it with many different terms that it is just plain difficult as to say - Wordplay. (Guess, I'm no mood to play games when these stubbornly refuse to bloom)

The good side of the blooms is that these blooms last for many weeks to enjoy and they are indeed worth keeping (compared to orchids where they still don't bloom and when they do - they flowers last almost for a week or two)

Anyway, I do not have any tips to offer for these.
I do consider myself not so successful as they don't seemed to bloom according to my command 
(well, I don't consider myself lucky for this one)
I guess the right lighting and placement makes a lot of difference which in a way its quite difficult as my garden is very much directed to the shaded side.

I still love these - they do compliment well with my Caladiums, Dumbcane & Syngonium (Arrowhead plant) 
Somehow those are very much foliage featured and this one is very much - the flower side. 

I guess fertilising makes the difference. I haven't handling that part of gardening very well. 

(Guess it must be a phobia when every time I put some fertiliser - something in my garden dies - so I rather have a plant being alive in the garden but flowers rarely rather than dead)

Well, What do you think?
Would you have this plant in your garden?
What is your success secret?
Do share.


  1. Hello James,
    I have seen potted anthurium with a layer of wood charcoal) around the base of the plant and over that, a layer of coconut husk with the charcoal and soil showing through in places.
    I hope this helps

  2. Anthuriums are actually one of the easiest plants for me. They tend to flower non-stop and are relatively pest free. I think that soil is very important. It must be loose and easy draining. I've grown them with and without fertilizer. Once they receive adequate light, but not direct sun, enough water and good soil, they thrive. The andreacola type and other newer hybrids developed for pot culture are more vigorous, compact, early blooming and produce more flowers than the older cultivars. I would stay away from the older hybrids, where one or more simple problems can lead to the plant's demise rather quickly.

  3. Oh I am sorry you are having problems, as I find them some of the most rewarding plant in my garden. I occasionally water with seaweed tea, and lay cuttings and fallen leaves down around them as mulch. They do like a shady patch. Hope yours settle in soon - it looks as though they are in a pot so it will be easy to try out a different spot.

  4. Hi James, actually Anthuriums are easy plants once you have the conditions right. You can safely put it in the ground under the shade of some taller shade. The soil should be loose in texture (burnt soil is most ideal), then fertilise with sheep, chicken pellets. They are rather pest-free.

  5. Hi James, anthurium has blooms that are so different and brighter than any other plant. Also, they are long lasting. That is why I love this plant a lot. I agree with you on the fertilising part :-) Often, I will let those faded blooms remain on the plant... they are precious! You have a great week and cheers, Stephanie

  6. Hi all,
    Thanks for the tips and comments.
    Really appreciate your thoughts.


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