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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hippeastrum Lilies

I would definitely be a proud owner of these flowers.
 "Wait! You mean flowers coming out from this onion looking thingy?"

And that's the fate of many of these bulbs.
(yes, this onion looking thingy)
Often found those as they stubbornly fail to flower or bloom for years. I'm pretty sure many new gardeners who had dreamed of having  lilies in their garden but would had fountain like leaves sprays of bland and boring.

I had seen many of these and that one fine day these once owners would had decided enough is enough and toss them out from their flower pots or dumps. I for one had manage to collect some - there are many that had perished for the lack of knowledge. In this case - the wisdom of blooming these lovely blooms. (oh..yes! These onion thingy - don't eat them - they are poisonous!)

It is known as Hippeastrum species, very common and easily found in many gardens around my area. I often notice these small salmon blooms when it shoot out it flower scapes during its flowering season. Often mistaken for Amaryllis
(who cares about its scientific names - ohh.. I just love the flowers)

The exact name eludes me as I'm unable to find it even in Google. My closest guess is:  Hippeastrum Petiolatum variety.

I kept aside all these bulbs without watering or planting inside my house, thinking what to do with it and it was about a month or so and suddenly I found few of these bulbs shooting their flower-scapes without my permission!!!

I had immediately put them out placing them around a flower pot. To my delight the roots didn't make its way into the pot and so they are easily transferred and move about for more flower bulbs to fill in the available space.

To date - there are 7 of them are in actively blooming and another 2 more bulbs shooting.

Within this week, I'm joyously experiencing the event of the week - The blooming of my lilies. It is truly lovely and wonderful to have these flowers greet me as I leave to work in the morning. Its a pity my camera had gone caput and therefore the pictures are only managed from my mobile phone.
Regardless - they are still a thing of a beauty.

My suggestion:
Don't throw away your Amaryllis or Hippeastrum bulbs.
1) Uproot them and keep them aside in a dry and cool place.

2) Let the leaves slowly turn yellow and dry as it will  send back all its nutrients back to the bulb storage.

3) Later after few months - replant them and you will find them blooming. Or you can keep them and wait and see if they surprise you with flower scapes such as these.

And yes - Good Luck. I came to know few gardeners tried and tried but their bulbs just refuse to bulge or in this case - refuse to flower. No wonder, they all get frustrated and toss them away. Ahem!! I just hope someone collects them - they are many that are still lying around.


  1. I have them in my garden, and they flower intermittently - I hear that they need a dry period to induce flowering. I am hoping mine will start to flower once the wet season ends. I wonder if in fact it would be better for me to just keep the bulbs out of the ground.

  2. I have these in my garden too. When the season suits them, they'll bloom like crazy. However i've not done any uprooting to induce flowering.

  3. Well done James. They look beautiful!

  4. Congratulations, they look beautiful!! Hippeastrums are one of my favorites in the garden :)

  5. Fantastic job, James! I love these orange hippeastrums and especially yours. Your orange seems to be deeper. Enjoy.

  6. I'm jealous!!! so pretty!!! my ixora is still dead looking with a few green leaves left.

  7. I too have these they are about to flower in a day or two.Wondering about the color since this is the first time it is blooming. thanks for the info about storing the bulbs.

  8. Wonderful so many bulb in flowering size. Very nice display :).

  9. James, You certainly know what you are doing with these onion looking thingy's. Well worth the perseverance.

  10. Thanks for the info.Glas to visit the blog..


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