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Monday, March 11, 2013

D.I.Y. Vertical Garden Project

It would have been easy if I had kept this and considered it as a finished work but nature had set it course against me in speeding up the delay factor. Perhaps the materials that I initially thought was classic were against me. Tin-can and a wooden crate are really lovely material to give that exotic time-less piece. I was wrong. Within few months the tin-can eroded and the wooden piece slowly giving away to rot.

This was my first project:  click at the link below
Tropical Vertical Garden Experiment

I was contemplating whether to continue with another project of improving the foundational material, whether they too will crumble due to the weight of time or proof worthy for the next round. Well this time I used the Cola plastic bottles. I found that they are quite durable, the bottles are steady and the dis-integrable factor is very low. This time - I used a wire-mesh which I bought from a stationary shop. Something that is used as paper files.

This is the final product. The bottles are stuffed first with moss to hold the soil from washed away when watering, The plants which I totally found worthy are those which are excellently hardy and able to handle small root space for growth.

These are the ones I recommend:

1) Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Zebrina
2) Basket Plant - Callisia fragrans or Spironema fragrans
3) Bird Nest Fern - Asplenium nidus
4) Trailing Watermelon Begonia - Pellonia Repens
5) Martin Mystery Begonia
6) Dorontheanthus Mezzo Trailing Red or Livingstone Daisy
7) Goose-foot plant - Syngonium podophyllum

These are doing strong for these couple of months now. I'm glad that I had changed the concept here. The plants too are doing OK, except for the Jewel of Opar - it never seemed to pick-up in this collection.
The birds ornaments adds colour and the final touch in this piece.

I doubt you would notice the recycle bottles. Hope this would inspire to you work on with these recycle items to keep our earth greener.


  1. hahaha,James, I think that word DIY is very common in Malaysia! Your bottles seem to be very near each other, the plants would eventually be mixing with each other and compete with everybody else in terms of space and light. It is better if expected length of growth per plant is anticipated. Besides, roots of plants are negatively phototropic, meaning they want to be in dark places, that is the reason why most plastic bags for seedlings are black. Your colors might curtail their growths.

    1. Thanks Andrea. My intention to plant this Vertical Garden is solely experimental. Actually I had tried 2 times which I had sort of failed - the plants remained strong, it was the structure that gave way.
      Again - I have no worries about the plant survival as these are actually pruned from the main potted plants.
      Regardless - I still love the way they present themselves naturally - Don't you think so?

  2. Hello James, thank you for your reply. I have another issue though. Take a look at this: http://myfolia.com/journals/123472-whats-wrong-with-it

    What's wrong with it? I just recently purchased it, and it was just with roots, no soil. I quickly planted it in soil. But 2 days later it becomes like this.

    Is there a way to save it if it's dying?

    By the way, my gardening blog is http://schairineygarden.blogspot.com/

    1. The plant is not dying. Its adjusting itself to the new environment. Trim off the burn parts and water it sparingly.
      Check if you had over-dose it with fertiliser. If you did then you may have to immediately change the medium before the plant burns further.
      Good luck.

  3. Oh that looks beautiful. I love the mixture of plants, and it does look as though it will be sturdy - the birds are a nice touch.

    1. Hey! Thanks very much.
      Glad that you like it.

  4. I think it is a lovely mish mash of plants with different textures, colours and shapes. Its unique and creative.


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