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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dumbcane Collection - Side View

My garden is constantly evolving. Most likely they tend to grow & trail in places I cannot imagine but somehow it is predictable that my garden slowly turning forest often happens with the 3 months time.

Again, I was not able to co-pe with my mood to garden and the constant unpredictable climate of rain & shine somehow brought me to procrastinate gardening (that explains my long-due silence in the blog-roll)

Nevertheless, I would like to share the small little beauties that blossoms time to time in my garden. Small little things that brighten my day.

These are Zebra Tradescantia - I had found another different species. (My favourite one)
where they seemed to glow a shimmering violet shade.

Black Flamingo seemed to be able to put a stand of a constant bloom for months.
And they really compliment each other very well.

Together in this collection is Chinese Evergreen (Aglaomena sp.),  Goosefoot plant (Syngonium podophyllum)  & Dumbcane.

I really want to make the emphasise of the variety of colours here rather than just plan green factor. Somehow Dumbcane plant is easiest to maintain as they hardy and able to tolerant both the hot & rainy climate interchangeable well.

I still have to prune and reset this area here as some of the plant had totally gone hidden as the top growth had cast a shade & overgrowth over them and most likely those that survived had become leggy and un-noticeable. 

Really hope I can manage this space again and continue to admire them.


  1. Sorry James, I am leaving another message now. Please help to delete the earlier one if it got published. My comment:

    Great colours! I love dumb canes too. Yours are looking really green and healthy. As always I love how you put together the different type of green and colourful-leafed plants together.

  2. I love your Tillandsia the most, we cannot grow them wildly as that because we have very dry environment and we don't water much too. I am amazed that your dumbcane produced 2 green apples, haha! By the way, i just want to inform you that POG is disapproved for AdSense! They really don't like my style!

  3. That's a beautiful collection of dumb canes and other foliage plants. Your Tillandsia usneoides is something to die for! Bravo!

  4. I forgot to say that I've nominated you for a Beautiful Bloggers award. You deserve it!

  5. Liked the Tillandsia color.Is this also known as "wandering jew"?Loved the parrot green pots in the second photo

  6. Your foliage is lush and the juxtapostition of them makes a lovely picture particularly with the Tilandsia curtain in the background. My Black Flamingo and Wandering Jew has disappeared from my garden. Do keep up your mood for gardening. Your plants are lovely.

  7. Love at first sight looking at your Zebra Tradescantia.

  8. James, the foliage in your garden is what I generally can only see indoors. How I would love to see some of these foliage plants growing outdoors.

  9. You have quite a good collection of foliage plants now. I always admire your Spanish moss, always wanted to have one in my garden but still haven't got it yet! Wishing you and your family Happy New Year 2013!

  10. Just love the look of your garden, James. A wonderful collection of plants that are beautifully and artistically arranged. Simply lovely... mostly container grown yet the pots are smartly hidden from view.

  11. It really feel good to read all of your lovely comments here.
    Thanks a lot!


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