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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coloured Foliaged Plants

 It's been quite a while since I posted. 
I guess it must be the blues I've been facing.
The unpredictable weather 
(rains almost every time when I garden) 
and the untameable garden that slowly turns into a jungle - somehow tires me a lot.
The plants that I want them to stay seemed to growing fast and the plants that I want them to grow & multiply seemed to stay dormant and sometimes dead.
(I guess most gardeners swears this happening in their garden)

Its now September
 - a seasonal change is taking place in my garden.
The night seemed to take place faster much earlier than towards the evening. 
The good thing is that I had planted more Jewels of Opar  in few more pots and they seemed to bloom lavishly during evening times.

My elder's son passed this Polka Dot plant for Father's Day.
He suppose to take care of it on my behalf and it happened to be doing quite well without anyone's care. 
I'm surprised to note the flower spike
 - though not very impressive.
(Looking at it now - its about time I pruned and propagate it before the plant matures and dies)

My Earthstar seemed to give out pups from where the flowers was.
I thought these don't seemed to last long but I'm quite surprised that they are doing very well.
Now I can add more pinks in my garden that gives more vibrant look with the purple queen.

These are the random plants which I have in my garden.
Most of which are with me for years.

Though they are not so outstanding when seen as a singular plant - they somehow make an impact in the colour spray when viewed together as a unit.

Their colours & tones and the variety of the shapes and sizes takes great emphasise when it comes to making an impact.

You will see that all of them are everything but never a plain ordinary green. 
And I guess that is my taste in having my style of a small tight space shaded container garden.

I realised that I find it just as hard to put all of that I see in camera.
They don't turn out to be show what I see. And what had been captured is just a fraction of what I see which somehow interpret differently when viewed once the picture comes out in the screen.

And the frustration that leads to another point where I often comfort myself believing that there is always another day or time of which I can elaborate about it.

Or that I get lucky on the next shot where the sunlight might be just nice or the focus device on my very worn camera might just be on right or that I get lucky.

Sometimes that feeling seemed to be very much a fantasy than a reality.
With another load of procrastinate and sometimes I forget what I actually want to show or write about my garden that I have to wait for my mood to spark the zeal and excitement to give me the boost.

Right now - I just cannot imagine the "messy side" of my garden.
Its just too much of stuff which I'm very much in grave decision of (To throw or not to throw)
and there never seemed to be not enough time and always..
always with many interruptions that spoils the mood of gardening.

I guess being persistence is part & parcel of gardening.
Maybe I have to learn from the weeds that grow along side with my garden plants.
In not giving up and continue to pick up and carry on.

Regardless how hard or difficult it may be.
And I realised that its OK to take a break once a while and abandon the garden.
(when most of them are hardy plants and so - the lack of care is very much manageable within few weeks time) 

Then when the strength and the zeal and the mode arrives.
Its important to spring up and rise with a shove and a scissors.
In planting and pruning and living the cycle of the plants again for the next generation garden plants.


  1. Hello James! What a special gift! Love fittonia pattern a lot. The texture is quite fascinating. Btw, my perilla was attacked by some kind of scaled bug. Hope yours will stay healthy and good. And I really enjoy watching your hanging pots. They are lovely!

  2. Hello James, I'm finally back from your garden.
    The diversity of colors and shapes of plants gives me great serenity. Your Earth Star is really beautiful.

  3. I love that first plant James, i just don't know its name. I wonder if it is also an Episcia.

  4. James, I suppose we all need a break from time to time. Good to see you back so refreshed and such an excellent post. I would love for some of those great plants of yours to grow in my garden.

  5. What an introspective post. Please hang in there as your garden is doing fine. Gardening can be very demanding of one's time, so I try not to go for high maintennance plant. I'm trying to focus more on shrubs and reduce the annuals. This way I can leave my garden for short breaks without asking someone to babysit it.

  6. I kinda know how you feel. Sometimes we just need to take a break. Anyway, your foliage plants are splendid. Fortunately many foliage plants are hardy enough so you can abandon them for sometime.

  7. Your garden looks very green and lush. I like coloured foliage plants very much. Everyday I look forward to the 1 hour I have to garden.

  8. Hi james fittonias are my favourite. Loved the earth star bromeliad.Lucky you are to get lot of rain. Here we are deprived of it

  9. Wow! An awesome collection, James! I'm also mesmerized with colourful foliage plants. They do add beauty and interest to our garden. My Earthstars have never flowered for us... sigh!! Thanks for sharing!


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