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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whites in the Garden

Its going to be difficult to explain when it come to colours especially when it is white.
You see - you don't really notice it. 
Somehow the whole white thing falls into the background with the rest of the foliage greens and before you know it - its invisibly everywhere.
(or perhaps that's how it appears to my perception)

Again - when a bug sees it - Does it really see it in white?
I saw a documentary where when they see it in an ultra-violet light - these whites are actually brilliant blue.
Ain't that a beauty - transforming all my white into blues.
And again - in a science project that a white light can be split into a spectrum of a rainbow.
Now, Isn't that really a something to consider.

And all the while - I thought that white is only clothed by plants which gives focused in giving out its fragrance. I can't quite make sure why foliage too makes its colours.
Nevertheless - I love the shades of lime, cream & pink in my garden.

What is your White story in your Garden?
Love to hear that Snow white Story.


  1. Hi James, we have that white flowers too. The colors in the world that we see depends on what colors of the spectrum the object absorbs or reflects. But i noticed you are very fond of holding the plants and flowers before you take their photos. It is nice too if you will put a plane colored paper or board background, rather than just holding them. If you want size comparison, common things like ballpen, coins, ruler will be the best choices.

  2. I love white in a shady garden - it seems to pop out of the shade. I love your white anthirium.

  3. White is nice! That's a pretty flower. I like your foliage plants also. And thanks for sharing content of that documentary. Good discovery about white.

  4. My favorite Flower color is white :)
    and now that you mentioned it I notice it as well, we both grow the same plants, half a world apart :) now neat is that!... by chance, do you grow the Canna Stuttgart as well? ;-)

  5. I like whites in the shade garden since no flowers bloom there. I like white variegation the best and you have some wonderful types. I have a nice variegated Syngonium that seems to keep its white parts nicely. Some revert back to green and then stay green.
    Nice post. David/:0)

  6. Hi all, thank you for your lovely comments.
    Gone Tropical - I do have Canna seeds and still thinking whether to grow them as they do much better on grounded soil compared to planting them in pots.
    So - its still in the waiting list whether to plant or not to plant Canna.

    David - Most of the Syngonium are found growing along the roadside and in nook and corner around my region. These are some of the nice ones that I manage to rescue.

  7. Simply lovely to enjoy watching all your white flowers and variegated foliage, James. Thanks for sharing! Love the white anthurium... hope to add one to my garden one day! :)


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