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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KL Orchid Garden - Revisited

I had a short quick visit to KL Orchid Garden and checked what's blooming there.
Somehow I was mesmerised by all the Phalaenopsis Orchids - these are native here.
I had none (phals) in my garden - somehow cultivating them seemed to be quite a challenge.
(Even the easy ones deemed to be difficult)
Regardless - they are still beautiful in their own way.


  1. James, you are so lucky to have these as native plants. I never got to see the KL Orchid garden on my one visit there, however visited the Singapore Botanical Garden's Orchid Garden many times. Fantastic show!

  2. I think the KL Orchid garden has expanded. I didn't see so many beautiful there few years ago. I like what those Phalaenopsis orchids and that Bromheadia alticola is dainty and nice.

  3. I've been to that orchid garden, but i don't remember much inside, i prefer the butterfly garden!

  4. The KL Orchid Garden seem to be rather under-visited. I hope they showcase more of our unique native orchids.


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