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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Bonsai & Orchid Show 2012

It was a weekend event - started on 23rd March till 27th March.
My friend Eddie is an orchid enthusiast called me that Friday and mentioned that he had died and went to heaven - in a figure of speech that it really a mandatory factor that it is a must for a gardener to check this place out.

There were many Bonsai trees exhibited here.
I understand that it was about 100 over trees presented.

I still wonder how did they do it - it making one part of the trunk dead white and the other living and the whole thing integrated beautifully for ages.
Simply Amazing!

Never thought that a strangling fig making its grip on a stone can really look so beautiful in a bonsai look. Truly its a place to get inspiration and creativity.

This is my friend Eddie.
We managed to take our families out for a nice family outing that weekend and enjoyed the day with all the laughter and fun together.

The weather was unpredictable. One moment it was raining heavy and the next moment stopped. Regardless - it was a perfect weather as it was not too hot nor raining when we reached there.

After the whole stretch of the Bonsai exhibits we proceeded to the Orchid exhibition.
The entrance was very impressive.

These are the prized orchids exhibited during the show.
Not really sure how the whole thing was judged - regardless it was really a breath-taking to all those orchid lovers to see these up close and personal.

At the end of the row they also have many vendors selling orchids and plants.
I was very interested in this native orchid plant.
Known as Asian Ghost Orchid (Chiloschista osneoides)
Its all root and flower spike orchid.
The only set-back was the price - its way too expensive to try on this one for me.
(RM58.00) I got a bargain about RM50.00 - but it took awhile for me to consider whether to get it or not.
This plant is originated from Thailand - it was brought in from there especially for this event.

I asked my personal orchid expert (Eddie) but he too was not willing to take the risk.
Well - regardless risk or not - its truly a nature wonder of just putting up flowers without leaves.
And the whole mass of roots that looked like a white spider.


  1. wow amazing photos thanks very much sharing

  2. Really good show. I don't have time to go to KL that time. Really sad. I know the guy who sell the Chiloschista usneoides. Last time he sold Chiloschista viridiflava. Easy to take care, this orchid don't like fertilizer , if you fertilized, the plant will die. Just watering them with really light fungicide (if you want to) or just tab water is enough.
    Anyway thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks Makarimi for the tips.
      I really won't know this at all unless you mentioned this here.
      Glad that you get to view some of the pictures here about this exhibition.

  3. I do like the Orchids James, but those Bonsai's are just magnificent.

  4. Thank you for posting the amazing pictures, I can't be there, but at least the pictures do show and tell :-)
    I never dared to try growing a bonsai, but your pictures make me want to own one... and those orchids! just stunning!!

  5. Those yellow orchids are something! but it's the bonsai trees that really got my attention. Such beauty and form - works of art in their own right.

  6. Hi James,
    I am not much of a fan of bonsai, but I love those orchids!

  7. aloha james,

    what a great collection of bonsai trees, i love the white on the first photo, it looks like sculpture

  8. Hello James! That ghost orchid sounds and looks unusual. Good choice. I am sure it will do well under your care. I like all the bonsais you show here! Your family and your friend Eddie must have enjoyed the show a lot. Have a great Sunday. :-D

  9. wow, those are some pretty serious bonsais! Looks like you all had a great time. I bet the kids had fun running around together too.

  10. Thanks everybody for your lovely thoughts and insights. Glad you enjoyed the viewing.


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