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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Orchids in My Garden

One of my most difficult moments is when the orchids burst to blooms when I'm still resetting the garden. I guess it must be the weather factor where it was very hot for the weeks and then the change where it started raining everyday.

And that's when the flowers begin to pop here & there when I'm halfway resetting their pots and trailing materials. This one is actually tied on the gate temporarily and that's when this one flowered - Mokara Orchid.

I'm still in love with this one.
It had flowered twice in my garden & both times it was a sudden explosion of blooms.
Vanda Orchid

I had reset my Ground Orchid. (Spathoglottis Plicata) Earlier it was sitting in a pot where I first planted it. This time I divided it into 2 pots - I guess the new breathable space gives this one to absorb more nutrients and the shock might have awaken this one to a continuous blooming.

The new location seemed to be burning the leaves but somehow the exposure promotes blooming. Rarely I get one stalk and it dies prematurely but this time I now have 3 spikes of flowers!

My office friend had given me her dancing ladies orchids (Oncidium) were actually sitting on the floor for few weeks in neglect. I had to rush this one as I had noticing that the bulbs started to rot & the leaves turning yellow and falling off.
So far now there are steadily recovering.

Hope to see the 1st flower - ASAP.

I had noticed that my Cattleya orchids actually turn out to be a whole lot of back-bulbs.
There were no new shoots coming out from the whole root mass and the pot was way too small to support the whole orchid plant.
I manage to break it up into 4 potions and gave one portion to my friend.
(Can you imagine the 4 portions of these in one small pot!)

And lastly, My Necklace orchid - the one that I rescued from the roadside.
Still going strong but haven't seen any new shoots or flowers so far.

3 bloomed and 3 more to go.


  1. Hi James,
    You are so lucky to be able to grow these beauties outside in your garden.
    Northerners, like me, can only look on with envy.

  2. Nice mokara ;) The Cattleya needs more sunlight to get bloom and the necklace orchid is Cymbidium finlaysonianum.

  3. Hi James,

    These are beautiful! I have tried my hand at orchids with no success. My home does not have the light, humidity, et cetera to keep them healthy and blooming. My gardening must remain stictly outdoors, aside from common houseplants. I am eagerly awaiting spring!

  4. You have a beautiful collection of orchids! I especially love that coral red vanda ! Most of my ground orchids are in the ground and receiving some sun, but not too much, and they seemed very happy in their location since they bloom for very long period of time for me. A few of them in the pot located in a shady place did not bloom much, I am thinking to put them into a more sunny place in the ground as well.

  5. I love your ground orchids! It is wonderful to them flowering in your garden. Mine are taking their own sweet time to flower and the mokara type also. But when they bloom, the flowers are very attractive.

  6. Beautiful blooms in your garden. They really welcome the cooler weather the rain brings.

  7. James, how fabulous is that, Orchids growing outdoors. I have to remind myself that this actually occurs in some parts of the world.

  8. Lovely to see your wonderful blooming orchids and those yet to flower, James. Your tlc and expertise always does wonders for your plants. Just love your Vanda Orchid.. the salmon-red shade is rather rare. The ground orchids look inviting too... is it an easy to grow and care plant?
    We too love orchids, the flowers are so long lasting when in bloom especially the dendrobiums.

  9. What stunning orchids you have! I am in awe and inspired to try to rescue mine. Lovely!

  10. hi all,
    thank you very much in all the lovely comments and information.

  11. Just went to your blog while browsing to get details of Spathoglottis Plicata orchard. A beautiful blog. Congratulations.

    Do visit my site: http://www.bagbani.yolasite.com

    Regards. from Dehradun (INDIA)


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