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Monday, July 25, 2011

Begonia Species

It's been amazing to note that I have been so busy and that I had totally neglected my garden.
Any space time I have is totally an emergency moment in rescuing my garden plant from death.
(that is my watering chore) But somehow I'm truly amazed at the durability of my garden that they had become very much self-sustained in keeping their equilibrium of evergreens.
(or in my case - colourful foliage)

I started hating green coloured plants and I had secretly wished that they would die but truly, that too surprised me - especially ferns, they just put out their roots to any nook and corner and display their foliage. My worst fear - now, my garden had turned into a jungle and I really have no idea of pruning or trimming them - simply because I tend to change my mind when looking at them and still consider them beautiful.

My trailing plants which seemed to be very happy trailing along "conquering" my hot hard cement space - which to me is: How on earth can a plant survive without a soil factor?
I guess plants have its ways.

Well, its seemed ages when I blogged or garden or thought of making a "new" comeback.
I thought about it last year but didn't know "my thinking about it" look almost half a year!

I guess its a perspective - sometimes that's what most gardeners goes through, at the heart they are still a plant person - its just they have not put their hands on it.
And I guess that's what garden is all about to prove about that type of a gardener.
My roses still blooms, and so my orchids, and that constant cycle of blooms and fall.
Its just that, this time - it all happened without my hands and sight fixed on them.

So the secret:
Get hardy plants,
by the time you decide to start back gardening, the garden awaits for you.

PS: Enjoy my collection of begonias - they never stop to marvel me.


  1. Hi James, i thought you already stopped blogging as the previous post has been a long time. But your begonias are still looking very good. Sometimes plants really want to be kept alone, to develop the microclimate they need for good growth. Now, at least you know what they need, they are just like children, we are just there for support. Learning their requirements is the main objective. haha! welcome back!

  2. Hi James, Your Begonia looks so healthy, I try so many times but never success with this plant. May be I watering so much or maybe over expose to sunlight. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrea - thanks for the welcome.
    I will try my best be active as possible.
    And also thanks for the mirco-climate idea.
    Never really thought about it.

    Orchid - I was in the same situation before like you when I find most of the begonia die in my garden, then I realise that there are also hardy ones. Do get the cane type which is not annuals. These last very long, and when the signs of maturity sets in, trim & replant.

  4. you are right about getting hardy plants!!

    I love that foliage. It always looks to me like a kid went at it with a silver Sharpie (marker)

  5. I am glad to 'see' you! And also glad to read about begonia! I started my shade garden not so long ago and don't have a lot of plants there. But I'd certainly love to have begonia in it. Your plants are beautiful! I love the dark-leaf variety especially.
    Also, James, thank you SO much for your very generous comment on my blog. Your words make me happy. Thank you!

  6. You are absolutely right, James! I only have hardy plants... To be more exact, I only have hardy plants left... if you know what I mean. :)

  7. Welcome back! I thought you must be very busy with work. Some plants grow better when left alone. Your begonia is luscious and supple now. I guess they are 'paying back' to you for taking care of them all this while.

  8. Hi James, your begonia looks beautiful. I didn't know that begonia would be hardy. Just like you, I have been busy and not blogging regularly. But I still love visiting the gardening blogs. I am experiencing gardening through those blog posts! Look forward to more posts on your garden!

  9. James I think you've found some great low maintenance plants - now you can enjoy the plants and know that they can pretty much look after themselves while you sit back and enjoy them.

  10. Your collection of begonias are simply fabulous, and so luscious, James. I've planted the hardy kind before (similar to that of the topmost pic) but gave up when found that the leaves dropped easily, stems were leggy and needed staking.
    Your dark-coloured begonia with the sparkling white star is gorgeous - is it a dwarf variety and easy-care?

  11. That's lovely collection of begonias! Sometimes we need hardy plants to entertain us....hahhaa....

  12. Beautiful begonias! I love how their foliage make the garden look interesting. I am sure your garden is still look good even though you have been busy. You have nice plants :-D

  13. thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

  14. Hey! I wanted to send you a picture of my kind of dying rubber plant seeking help.. can u give me your email id please.. thanks.
    Tarabhatt @ gmail.com


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