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Friday, January 21, 2011

Garden in my Office

I was taking a walk around my office area for my afternoon stroll (sort of making up for my exercise time and so I thought of using my one hour in brisk walking)
I had spotted several trees along the roadside and found this cluster of hanging fruits which really look very familiar.
I had once collected these seedpods and used it for my wedding decoration (found them fallen from a tree due to a strong thunderstorm) I had used it for a candle-light decoration where I placed tea-light candles inside the orange seed pods.

Known as the Peanut Tree fruit, (Sterculia quadrifida) said to be edible that the inner seeds taste like raw peanut. More information, click : Wikipedia.
There were much excitement concerning this Australian native plant in my office. I actually got it when it was a unopened olive coloured fruits, which eventually turned orange in a week's time.

Also another factor that took much of my time was giving away plants to my office mates, to date I manage to give away about 50 plants - in jars, pots and in decorative items. It had created a lot of plant frenzy in the office environment.

You can see it at the last two pictures below where I had sorted the plants in one of the office cubicles. These are indoors plants and they are doing great for some time now. I may have to give all of them away by this week before the long 1 week Chinese New Year Holidays.

I would like to wish a prosperous Chinese New Year to you.
In the matter of celebration - I'm pretty sure your garden will be auspiciously red and gold.


  1. I never seen this tree nor the pod! You decorate for your wedding? Such a creative person!
    You have beautiful garden on your office table!

  2. Thanks Malar,
    yes - it was my crazy passion, preparing candle-light dinners, exclusive cloth & lighting works & floral arrangements.
    Took a lot of my time & energy. Usually I only charge for cost and workmanship and often do it to help most of my friends & family.
    But it had become too much of stress in keeping up to the timing and the work usually takes up 2-3 days in decorating.
    Nice to do it for fun but stressful when do it for business as there are a lot of expectation to meet & keep.

  3. Very unusual fruit James, never seen it before, such a bright orange colour. Do you know a local name for it? You have a nursery in the office? Hehe..I used to have money plants in all sorts of containers in my office when I worked, even in the toilets!

  4. The colour of the shell, red/orange, is really pretty. Like you said, it really make a nice decor. Those fruits made that little garden corner of your office look nice. Good thought in bringing them into your office. Have a great week in the office and at home. Hope you are coping well with your busy schedule.

  5. Aha, one fine day, I won't be surprise if you become a wedding or party planner. The orange colour fruit is very unique and great for decorations. You have luscious table-top garden in your office! I see Nuffnang and Google Ads properly set up here. Good luck with the incoming $$$

  6. P3Chandran - Im sure there must be a local name for it, just a matter of time and research to identify it. Guess most gardeners will find any ways to make any place greener - keeping indoor plants.

    Stephanie - my busy schedule is slowly getting into a stable condition, the only thing now is that Im so tired and lost mood in doing anything.

    Belle - I think being a wedding or a party planner is much more stressful although I usually do it for fun once in a while. Thanks to you and your support - I manage to put in the adds here and it took me ages - in just forcing myself to get it done.


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