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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pineapple Dyckia - Dyckia brevifolia

I had rescued this plant earlier this year.
(click here from the earlier post)
Somehow placing with the cactus plants didn't do well as the leaves then to droop and slowly dry up. I decided to put them outside where they get daily watering (well, almost daily) and they just spring back to life.

The only thing one must be very cautious of is their unforgiving spine & sharp edges. You will read everywhere concerning this when coming to handle this one: Handle with Extreme Caution.

I had tough time separating one of the pups from the root ball. They seemed to be tightly knitted together and its really, really tough in separating them. I had toiled almost for hours (or what it seemed like during the process of struggle) Well, with all the effort put together, its really worth it when you know this one is a real survivor.

These look so immaculately beautiful compared to the first time when I found them. You can easily mistaken this one as another pineapple crown replanted.
Some information concerning this plant:

a) Genes: Bromeliad
b) General Care: Very hardy plant. (drought tolerant, may rot when root ball is soggy)
c) Propagation: Pups emerging from the mother plant.

I had replanted them in a shallow pot and placed pebbles on it. Somehow I find it very interesting to set a little tortoise with it. Creates that ambiance of a secret garden kind of thing.
These are hidden from the direct view as I had placed few hanging curtain-like Spanish moss in front of it. (probably get a nice picture later for my secret garden theme post)

They do go well with my Golden Hahnii collection. I recently bought an Earth Star plant.
All I have to do is re-arrange them nicely for a great display of rossette plant corner.

Stephanie from Steph's Green Space had posted to me a lovely christmas card together with some seeds.
Thank you Stephanie!


  1. I like the way you display the plant with rocks and turtle.

  2. Hi James, that's a very nice display of your dyckia! I like the little tortoise also he he... Keep rescueing plants ok. And this one is really a treasure. Happy sowing those seeds :-D

  3. Nice way to display this exotic-looking plant! Continue your effort in rescuing plants! Who knows what plant you may get one day....

  4. Hi James, you seem to be buzy nowadays hardly see you gardening! :) Anyway, your Dyckia is looking healthy. I have one spiky plant but not sure its Dyckia. Great arrangement of plant, pebbles and your tortoise, a miniature rock garden!

  5. James be sure to maintain it properly so it will be giving you flower soonest. I am sure when it comes you will feel fully rewarded.

  6. wow, that does look sharp.

    Cute turtle with the threesome. That's a pretty container planting.

  7. This is a pretty star studded plant. I like how you arranged them as a treesome and the little tortoise further completes the beautiful picture. Are you celebrating Christmas?

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the pot arrangment. I tend to rescue the plants - happens usually when I take a walk and find them uprooted and thrown out.
    With a little care and tending -these plants spring back to life.

    But above all others, I guess the last gardener of this plant had given up due to their sharp spikes -they are very difficult to handle.

    Belle - Yes, I will be celebrating christmas.


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