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Monday, August 2, 2010

Amaryllis Bloom

I was thinking about the name "Amaryllis" and
it was playing in my mind for sometime.

"I'll marry Liz" or
"A Mary List" or
perhaps... " A Merry Least"
maybe the last one - when they never seemed to bloom in the tropicals.

I remembered about an experience about putting all these bulbs in the fridge in the vegetable compartment. My sister thought it was a vegetable when she came by and waited to help in preparing lunch.

So this is a WARNING:
(That is if someone would have thought - Hey! That's a pretty exotic looking onion!!!)

My wife sort of grumbled for 3 months for taking half of the vegetable compartment space.
So, its another thing you may have to "negotiate" if you are a guy.
(Probably show her these pictures and the last one on how to prepare it - It might soften her heart in agreeing in "leasing" the fridge space for you.. perhaps?)

I guess a woman gardener who prepares meals and "owns & manages" the fridge do not face this problem. All she have to do is mark on the package:

Anyway, these are the beautiful pictures I took last weekend - hope you enjoy them.
I'm totally mesmerised by the blooms and two more waiting.
Though, I'm a little excited as I guess the other two spikes are the same type like the first one.

Another thing, do not bloom them during the raining season - the flowers tend to get overweight and with the constant showering the whole flower and spike gets too heavy and well...
"Fall on the ground". I had to put a stick and tied it for a support.
So keep it in mind, the best time would be the hot season.
It would also keep the bulbs from rotting (wouldn't want to take that chances)


  1. Yay for amaryllis! So beautiful!!

  2. Hi James, The blooms are beautiful. I've planted several 'Merry Least' for 2 years. Everytime they grow, my dogs dig them out. I am not giving up hope. I've just replanted one. Maybe I should put up a 'No Digging' sign.

  3. Those pink lines running to the centre really add to the character and beauty of A Married Lisa. ~bangchik

  4. Those are gorgeous flowers worth the long waiting! Congratulations to your success of experiment! Yes, at least for me, I don't need to negotiate the fridge space if I also decide to store some plants in it :)

  5. I think this is a great achievement. The pink and white flowers are really lovely. Now, since you have a wife, you can forget about "I'll Marry Liz", maybe "A Merry List" will be fine ;P

    I'm sure these gorgeous lilies will melt your wife's heart. Perhaps you can dedicate it to her e.g. by naming this plant after her?

    Congratulations and Celebrations! .....

  6. Oh wow James... these blooms are so pretty! You must be really proud of your garden these days ;-) I see that you have four flowers in a stalk... that's wonderful!

  7. Thanks Aaron for being excited over this.

    One - sorry to note the dog issue. Probably place it higher on something that the dog cannot mess it up - coz when the roots are disturbed the bulb will tend to go on a emergency mode & that means no flowers.

    Bangchik - You know what, they are also known as naked ladies - funny isn't it.

    Ami - yes, its worth the wait and of course - I guess the fridge space is not an issue for you. (lol)

    Thanks Chandran for your compliment.

    Belle - Of course, the marry part is over (lol)
    I guess I will opt to the merry list as you suggest and I will start with celebrating with this flower & thanks for the lovely suggestion on the dedication. Truly appreciate that wonderful thought.

    Stephanie - Oh yes, you know what - the other 2 more stalks had fully bloomed too but they all are of the same type of flowers.

  8. Congrats! Wow, they're gorgeous, James! You've cleverly brought the flowers together for a fabulous shot (topmost pic) and given me an idea for capturing mine when they do flower eventually. Hmm...I'm so envious, mine have not flowered for months?? What do you mean by putting them in the fridge, the whole pot with its contents?...and how long?
    By the way, these are not Amaryllis as usually erroneously known by many. They're Hippeastrum with a hollow flowering stalk, unlike Amaryllis with a solid one. And your gorgeous plants are known as Hippeastrum 'Mrs. Garfield', a lovely name don't you think so? Kindly refer to some further info at my article here: http://www.jaycjayc.com/hippeastrum-species-hybrids-amaryllis/.
    Thanks for sharing these delightful beauties and your lovely amaryllis rhymes! :)

  9. These come in boxes here at Christmas. They live, rarified, inside. I would love to grow them in my garden.

  10. I've heard that the bulbs should be kept in fridge and the reason behind this is to imitate winter when the bulb goes dormant. That's why they say it can never grow when planted around sept - feb here. That's what I heard. I thought it was a joke.. now, oddly as it sounds, it must have been true then.

    Totally agree with Aaron's suggestion. Name it after your wife sounds more appropriate, instead of I'll Marry Liz, or naked ladies, or Mrs Garfield... :)

    By the way, great pics. And well done! I was told that 4 blooms in a stalk often is very hard to get.

  11. Hahaha, that's funny James. But the colors are so lovely. When i see that color in garden stores i will buy also. I now have a bulb of white amaryllis i got from my travels to the province and it is now growing in my office window sill. I am the only employee with a forest window.

  12. I first familiarize with the word 'Amaryllis' when someone in my new school had that name. It was a very unusual name to me. Later on only did I find out that she was named after this plant.

    James, your Amaryllis has so many bulbs! Was that an outcome of forcing the bulbs to bloom i.e. keeping the bulbs in the fridge, like what Stephanie has posted on her blog? I am keen to try the method out as I have a big pot of Amaryllis that has not bloom for years.

  13. Good luck on your Amaryllis!
    Yes, you should show your wife the Amaryllis flowers! She might end up following your steps!

  14. I like your homonyms for Amaryllis. I always think of "The Music Man" when I see the flower or hear its name. The little boy character has a lisp and cannot pronounce it properly. (The girl he likes is named Amaryllis.) He says Ah mah rill ith. Beautiful photos.

  15. oh wow, how beautiful! Reminds me of candy canes for Christmas!

  16. Beautiful flower. Eating it would be such a shame. :)

  17. Jacqueline - Hippeastrum!!
    My goodness.. Im wrong again!!
    Thanks for the details of the information, I will surely check that out.

    Catherine - Christmas boxes? They must be truly lovely to brighten-up the occasion.

    Thanks Rough rosa - I will follow up with a post on roses and would love to hear your views on them. As the naming the flower...
    well, My wife is not so interested in gardening or any of my flowers.

    Andrea - Forest Window - that must surely be very interesting. Do take pictures about that view Ok?

    J.C. - Do try this method J.c. - You will surely won't regret it - just make sure that you don't get the bulb rotting when handling with water.

    Malar - If she does end-up following my footsteps.. I really cannot even imagine that even with my own imagination!!! (that is truly a good sense of humour) thanks..

    Thanks Aunty K - that was very thoughtful...hmm.. I'm very sure there are lots of flowering plants with difficult names -
    like this one" Rhododendron" (Im not even sure I got the name spelled right)

    Wendy - Now that you mentioned it, yeah.. isn't it amazing - they do look like them.
    And thanks for the seeds.. appreaciate them greatly.

    Grace - if they are edible, they would surely be on my "fine dining" list...but they are poisonious actually which is quite a shame.


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