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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orchids - Slashed and Cut Down

I couldn't help myself from not picking them up. Its a pity most of the parts where actually cut and slashed at the centre of their bulbs, their chances of their survival is very slim as they will tend to slowly rot and dry up. I manage to collect and safe these, still wondered if they can actually survive as they have to pull through the initial shock and weather abuse.

These leaves are at least a meter long and bringing back from where I found them on a bike is a feat. Found them in a pile of pruned mango tree branches, I doubt they would have grown together in the same tree, its a good thing that I was able to put all in my motorbike basket, if not, I have to let this one go and let nature take its course in turning them into compost.
Somehow, its a joy and treasure to behold if they manage to pull through in my garden.

Its been about few weeks now, some of the leaf tips had turn brown but I had pruned them.
I bought a big round pot and place the plant with charcoal (which I bought very much earlier)

The leaves are now lush fully green. Hope to see new shoots emerge soon.
I'm yet to identify the species of this orchid. I'm guessing it might be a necklace orchid and a very common one easily found in my region.


  1. I hope they will survive James. But I think you should have no problem reviving them unless the clumps/roots are already dead. Good luck yeah.

    Regarding episcias, you are right about the love and hate relationship. The one with light green leaf that I have is really difficult to grow. The new varieties are really different from the 'earlier generation' types.

    Happy planting orchds :-D

  2. Good for you, James! Some of my best plants have been found at the side of the road. And I'm so glad your orchids are rewarding you for your good deed!

  3. Hope your orchids flourish! I can't wait to see how the flowers look like.

  4. Way to save the orchids, James! It looks promising already and you will always remember the provenance of them. Hope they bloom beautifully one day, as a reward for your good deed. I can imagine the ride home with meter long leaves sticking up was quite precarious!

  5. What a shame that the orchids were damaged... I can relate as my 100 year old Christmas cactus was blown off the patio in a straight line wind and dropped on its top about four feet. It will survive as well, but there was a lot of breakage. I hope your plants have a good survival rate! Larry

  6. What a beautiful find! I need to get out more, as I've never found a castoff treasure on the roadside like so many bloggers I read. Hope it survives and thrives for you.

  7. James I really do hope you are successful in bringing these plants into bloom again. So far they look as if they are recovering from their nasty shock - you never know but that shock might encourage them to send out a few flower spikes.

  8. Stephanie - I had checked on the roots and they are fine. I had once earlier collected this same species but they didnt survive and as the whole thing rotted. It died in stages.
    This one seemed to be doing fine.

    Thanks Penny - I really hope so.

    Aaron - Me too, I'm sure I will be all excited for the blooms. Hopefully it happens soon.

    Frances - You have no idea - especially when all of them (passengers) by the roadside give those stare and shocking look & of course with envy. Some wondered what was it...
    But again, adjusting myself time to time as tried my best not to snap any of these fragile leaves.

    Larry - thanks for the thought, well, I got it for free and so I have no regret if they don't manage to pull through. But for now, they are doing fine. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Thanks Floridagirl - Im very sure you will find some nice ones around your region.

    Thanks Rosie - that would be nice, giving out flowers while recovering from a nasty shock. Perhaps it might happen.

  9. Hi James, I've got my fingers crossed. Plant rescue is a worthy pursuit indeed. Albeit cliched, the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is so true with plants. I hope we'll get to see the blossoms soon.

  10. Hello James

    In regards to your question over on my blog about the hosepipe ban - you are only allowed to water the garden with a watering can - no sprinklers are allowed on the lawn, no pressure washers on paths or patios etc. I think some businesses are exempt from this like garden nurseries and carwashes. I remember years ago we had a terrible drought and toilets were only allowed to be flushed once a day and only showers taken and no baths :) Rosie

  11. Hi James,
    Oh, those orchids have found a very fine home I can tell. I admit I'd not be very good with them but I do wish I knew more about orchids. Soon your rescues will thank you with pretty blooms.

  12. James, you are a saviour! The leaves of this orchid looks a lot healthier than those sold at a bargain price at Floria 2010, haha. I am really looking forward to see the flowers after being nurtured under your green fingers.

  13. oh, this will be exciting! Be sure to keep posting on this. I cant' wait to see what will come of this. Good save for you!

  14. Grace - I totally agree with you. But to say orchids as trash..hmmm, very unlikely to happen but who can guess.. right?

    Rosie - Hope the rain comes soon and decrease the draught.And thanks for the info.

    Meems - I hope too, its been hard for orchids to bloom in my garden. And so, its many fingers crossed too.

    Belle - Wished I got some orchids for that bargained prices - its just too far for me to get there with my limited time with heavy schedule.

    Thanks Wendy.

  15. Hahaha, maybe they clumped them to the mango branch and when it was pruned they just didn't bother. I think those are Cymbidium species, not hybrids but the original one. I have big clumps of this too, which always experience setbacks during long summers. They however grow again come rainy season and produce very long drooping flower stems with yellowish beautiful flowers. I have not posted flowers like that yet in my blog, only small flower pieces. A big clump attached to my lanzones tree (previous post) died with the lanzones.


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