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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yellow for a Tiger Year

Its been hot for few days, unlike ordinary sunny days this time it was very hot that the heat spans all through the night. And that is something that is very inconvenient when it comes to sleeping. You can hear the air-conditioning compressors doing overtime during the night around the neighbourhood.

For those who do not own one, well a juicy watermelon before bedtime might help, that is a well simple portion, too much and it might bring cold with a running nose and that is definitely not a good sign. Everyone had became very cautious in consuming the mandarin oranges. Often these are been exchanged or passed around as a token for the season. Somehow a lot of people had learn a good lesson with yesteryear's sore throats and coughs.

Well, I guess the season for this region would very much be orchids blooming - especially when there is a long duration of sunny days and an immediate breaks of long rain may trigger orchid blooms. Unfortunately it didn't happen to my garden, not yet.

Still feeling lucky though, my yellow ixora's had compensated by taking turn in her blooming cycle. A little pruning and a little fertiliser had brought some magic. Most of the other flowering plants are yet to explode their blooms.

Of course the Cane Begonia would certainly steal the show here - that is whenever these ixora fail to blossom. But for now, let these ixora brighten the day or at least they remain open 24 hours a day with many blooms. Wish the sunbirds or some butterflies might visit these flowers, that is if I got the chance to see them with my camera on.

But hey! I'm sure they would visited,
if not - how can you explain the fruit? (last pic)

(Arranged in a row from left to right - back)
(Night Blooming Jasmine, Yellow Ixora, Bleeding Heart Vine & Cane Begonia)
(Front - Never never plant)


  1. The seeds... how nice! This yellow ixora is beautiful and the blooms look very pleasing as well. It is so nice to have cheerful blooms around during festive season. My orchids are not blooming too. I have just repotted them. I hope some blooms will show later :-D

  2. Hello James,

    It is not hot here in Arizona yet, but in a few months, our air-conditioner will be working hard. I love the yellow ixora - just beautiful.

  3. Your description reminds me of growing up here in Florida, where I spent many a suffocating night without air-conditioning. We are very spoiled these days in Florida. I actually complain to my husband because our air is kept at 80 or above, to save on the utility bill. How quickly we forget!

    Beautiful ixora! I love those plants. I've seen many huge old specimens around town get damaged in our winter freezes this year.

  4. Stephanie - its not practical to grow ixora from seeds eventhough they produce them - I guess they serve as birdfood when the turn red when ripe. Good luck with your orchids.

    Floridagirl - There are many big species of ixora's also planted as hedges but somehow the flowers are not dense and they seemed to be put branches everywhere.

    More & more residence in my place are now installing A/C in their homes, the heat is getting very much unbearable nowadays.

    Thank you Liza & Noelle for your comments.

  5. I love the yellow ixora! The previous owner of my house planted red ixora in the front yard, it will bloom vigorously in a couple of months in florida. But I think I like the yellow better now after seeing your picture :)

  6. I wanted to have yellow ixoras too but no place. Yours look healthy and pretty. Yeah, the weather is getting hotter now but the funny thing is that it still rain or at least a shower everyday.

  7. I love those yellow flowers! The other plants are looking quite happy, too.


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