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Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Again Another Villa!

What is pink when born, turn to cream and later wears a dash of green on its spine?
I still wonder how it manage to change the pink to cream.

I had purchased this bougainvillea few years ago, but due to the shaded environment it had not flowered yet. Its a surprise to me as the thorns are very soft & docile. This one is a cascading type and it requires a stick to support it.

Variegation is a wonderful thing, you cannot expect to find something like this unless its a hybrid.
Even the matured leaves has that hazy watercolour effects painted on its leaves and each leaves are unique by its own design. It reminds of me of marbles - something which I used to play in my childhood.

Probably it might be the colours of a villa?
But wait, there were not variegated types when this one was named.

What does these colours reminds you?


  1. Save for the hazy water colour effect, my variegated baby rubber plant leaves looks like these leaves ;-) The leaves are beautiful. The soft thorns are a bonus. I hope the plant will show the flower bracts soon.

  2. I love Bougainvilleas - the more variegated, the better. I'm enchanted with plants that change colors as well.

    I found your site through Nell Jean - I'm going to add you to my reader. Nice work!

  3. That variegation is beautiful, and tempting with the lack of thorns. I am always dazed by the many choices of bougies out there.

  4. James, Not sure what. the colours remind me of, Turkish Delight perhaps?? It is anyway a lovely plant. Do you have any idea of the colour of the flower?

  5. James, I have a bougainvillea that looks like yours. It has striking pink flowers but few thorns. Yes, a cascading type which I plant near my fencing and I'm am patiently waiting for it to cascade down to the drain! I notice that when I water more often, there will be more foliage but when I water less, apply fertilizer and when season is dry and hot, it tend to bloom. The leaves of yours look very healthy.

  6. Hi James, that is a pretty looking plant. I am thinking the reddish leaves remind me of poinsettias.

  7. Liza - Thank you for adding as a reader, look forward to hear from you more often.

    Barry - Turkish Delight - Hmmm.. sounds like Narnia series when one of the boys asked the witch for a snack (lol)

    Belle - I really don't remember it as pink but rather a striking magenta. Yes you are right about the character concerning the flowering - reducing the water & fertilising helps. Just waiting for the right time.

    Thanks Stephanie, Floridagirl & Sue for your lovely comments.


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