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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Airplant Update

I had first fallen in love with this xerographica
but years ago these cost like RM300 which is quite a big deal for me.

It is known as the largest species of airplant 
and thus the rarity and novelty of this kind.

I still can't really figure these out as I do tend to kill them time to time.
Mostly out of neglect when I find the whole crown rotting away & falling into pieces.

Other times,
squirrels or tree shrew nibble at them causing havoc
to the whole crown structure where the rosette is bitten and damaged.

Another factor is my over zealous attitude
of over feeding and watering which proved fatal 
as they to are highly detrimental to this kind.

These are sun lovers and prefer partial shade from heavy rain downpour.
So far  - they have been doing just fine.

Hopefully they add colour
- another lavish silver in between my cascading greens.

Based on my experience:
I had found that wood vinegar is very deadly to airplants.
Somehow the whole thing dies in horrible crown rot.

I found that through following up with other gardeners and their success stories:
A half teaspoon of MSG with 2 liters of water sprayed within 2 weeks helps them to have a heavy growth.
Regardless, I do caution everyone to handle airplant with care in feeding as too much can kill them.
Less is always safer and better.

To safeguard my collection:
I do tend to wash /flush the airplants with heavy watering to clear off any residue
The most important thing is to have them in clear open space as in any case, if they are heavily grouped too close together - the chances of rotting is very high.

Another thing about airplants,
The roots are practically useless as they are only meant to behave as hooks and not as nutrient feeder.
The velvet silvery surface on the leaf structure - they suppose to be absorbing the water, moisture and nutrients..

Yeah.. I know (that's why they are airplants)
And debunking the myth of airplants that they don't need anything except air and few misting..
You will only know how wrong the information when the whole plant dies - and its too late to safe it.

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