Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Serenity in the Midst of Chaos

It's been hard to garden and to expect a neat, clean garden setting.
I for one a messy gardener.
No matter how much I try to clean or consider keeping it tidy..
There is always something that messes things up..

I have come to accept my untidiness.
As part and parcel of my gardening life.
To be able to discover beauty in the midst of the storm..
In my case, in midst of my mess..
To force myself to see the beauty beyond my mess..
Others might call my garden a jungle... 😜

Another dynamic is to plant even to every nook, crook and corner..
Why let a weed grow in that place?
If you still find a small space - why not make use of it?
And so..
Once there were weeds and grass grew,
Now, you will find turtle vine make a carpet effect at the road side.
It makes the grass cutter happy to see a neat looking plant taking over the weed area

This remained faithful to me over the years when I first planted it.
I still wished I can add more plants here to give a nice contrast..
Another thing about being messy..
Though it's been here for a very long time, there were days that I almost lost these begonias.
Ransacked by rats, shrews and cats..
It was a long hard journey.

Finding an ideal plant in their correct places and spot was the most challenging moment for me.
After many trials and error where I tried bougainvilleas, pineapples, tradescantias..

They almost did but not to my satisfaction ,
I finally found that Bromeliads suits best as the first tier,
followed by orchids and the coloured foliage..
Followed by ferns and begonias.

Currently, this is my favourite spot.
I still need to re-arrange and make this place neat again..
One of the things about gardening is their constant change and adapting to that change
To go with the flow..
And the best part, enjoy while being at it.


  1. A garden is never "finished", I think. Yours is wonderful! We have several inches of snow. No gardening happening here, but I did order a few seeds today.

    1. I would love to have winter.. At least it would be like having a break from gardening for a while.
      And you are right.. Its never finished


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