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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Blue Concord Steptocarpella

It is the same as the gesneriads family
Same as African Violet, Flame violet and a few others..
All of which were very sensitive and short-spanned plants in my garden.

I had managed to keep Flame violets (I had lost few species due to neglect)
Some types refused to survive - the ones I have are hardy ones.

I like these little blue flowers.. like bluebells.
The last a day and give a graceful fall from where they are hanged.
I'm keeping them few more days until I find the time to buy some pots and replant them in hangers.
Its overcrowded and most likely - I can separately them roughly into 4 pots.

Until then, I'm just enjoying them in this hanger first.
I can't specifically say how to care for them yet - its my first experience with this plant.
But generally gesneriads have similar care matters.

- not to overwater
- medium to be moist not soggy
- avoid watering on foliage
- not a sunlover / shaded plant

These are the new purchases I got from the Sg.Buloh nursery.
Price: RM10.00

The fallen blooms on a jar.
I had placed a new aquatic plant and few platties I purchased recently here.
Hoping that they will birth pups.
I find these to be very shy compared to guppies and goldfish I have in the pond.

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