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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Doritis Orchid

It's amazing what doritis orchid can do.
It's the most easiest type to bloom and I had to wait for months to see them bloom.

Partly its my fault..
Well actually - its all of it.
You see - for this one to bloom - it needs fairly a good measure of light to bloom
And my garden was a messed up place (doom & gloom would be a better word to describe it)
And the hard-hardening of heart was needed to prune everything that was not flowering.

And finally
My reward - they finally bloomed.
And I got a double celebration of two types.
Hopefully more will spring forth their blooms.

I started diligently on feeding them with half strength liquid fertiliser on weekly basis.
Hopefully they get something especially its been raining on daily basis.

I still wonder why this one has its petals pull back..
sort of lacking something - hope not a virus or something.
Anyway - it had finally bloomed after a long dormancy
That is something to celebrate for.
My orchid's bloomed - like it didn't almost for 2 years.

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