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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Those blood-stained veins are something spectacular to behold,
That is if you can notice them - they are just a small piece of leaf can easily lost in the midst of big class leaves.

It been said that they do well in terrariums and sorts
I have not tried it yet.. and yeah.. this is one of the sensitive plants
They tend not to do well when they are sort of abuse - they just die.

Not in the list of the hardy plants (I don't care what other website says)
When they are over-watered or over-fertilised - they just die.

And for this reason,
I always replant them and have spares.
They need constant pruning - and propagating the pruned pieces.
And snails and slugs love them too.. 
So, weekly poisoning of these pest are required more so during rainy season.

Or you would find bitten pieces and holes on the leaves.
This plant cannot handle such stress and also eventually die out of stress.
So - a good dose of pesticide (the snail kind) goes a long way for this species.

You will also find them in nurseries selling them for a very tiny clump for about RM10 - I find that pricey.. Three cuttings in a cocopeat is not worthed it for this species but that's business..
Take it or leave it.

The sad part - its not an easy plant to collect.
Not so many are available in the market - head hunting them is another chore.
And survival is another battle in the garden.
When a species is lost, its just hard to find replacement from the nurseries.

If you want colours - these will give you a carpet full.

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