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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chalice Vine

It took ages for this one to start blooming.
I'm surprised that I didn't take these pictures and put them in my blog.
I guess that I took this one for granted.

Basically this is one of the hardy ones.
I have to constantly prune them as they are so invasive - this plant have aerial roots and can easily fall on another and choke on them.

A good pruning will actually help to keep them in check and they do well especially when all the energy is used for blooming.
Unchecked and un-pruned -they will continue to grow and branch out with long messy vine - branching out everywhere but rarely flower.

They need good sun for them to bloom - won't bloom in shaded areas.

Apart from that,
It is truly a beautiful flowering plant to have.
The flowers will last for 3 days - blooming towards midnight
When morning, the flower looks more immaculate - light cream coloured.
Then as it matured - they yellow is more evident and finally by the last day,
in the evening - the whole flower fades it's trumpet and falls off.

It does not have fragrance - not that I had noticed 
(unless they are noctural - perhaps the fragrance is evident during midnight)

I still wonder what creature visit these flowers.


  1. WOW, that is beautiful and interesting, and new to me. Soft yellow is my favorite color. Thank you for the photos.

    1. Beautiful isn't it?
      I'm still enjoying them time to time...
      Never getting bored with them.


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