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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Passion Fruit - Last Harvest

Its been awhile since I blogged.
Time just flies regardless whether you are ready for it or not.
And that ties up with the timeline with my plants - it was just nice to follow the progress from their flowering stage to their fruition period.

I was indeed worried about the harvest - more like not sure when to pick them.
Then over time I just realised - just pluck them when they are turning red.
(Easy for you to say...Well, It comes with experience)
I had lost many fruits due to not picking them on time and most of them fallen and had gone beyond my reach (into the drain - literally)

However, there were many more that I was able to share all of them to my neighbours and friends.
I now think my family had come to a place where they won't crave to eat this fruit.
Not anytime soon - hopefully not never - or else I may have to cut down these vines into a movable size and give it away.

Still, I do enjoy their occasional blooms - happens when I fertilise them heavy.
Regardless the outcome - Passion Fruit do live up to its name.
They do grow passionately and indeed its a wonder to behold:
The Flower and The Fruit.

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