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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Orchid Blooms

These are the ones that had bloomed in my garden.
At least once by themselves instead of buying them when they are still in bloom.

I had seen many in the case where they are used in replacement of a cut flower, where once the flowers are spend they are thrown and newer ones are bought. I wonder if they are exchanged by the florist or taken back by the nursery for a discount.
I also find that orchids are getting cheaper by the year, except the imported ones which has immaculate blooms which I doubt they will ever bloom here - and the whole trouble is - they might never bloom at all in the next round in the lowland hot climate regions like my place.

And so - for now, the simpler, easier and poor man's orchids for me.
I'm much contented with these kinds - cheap, easy and often blooms than the pricey rare ones which takes a lot to bloom.

Do share your orchids Joys or Woes you have/had with Orchids.
I'm pretty sure it is one great experience.

Till then - Enjoy my existing orchids that once bloomed in my garden.
(I still have the plant - whether if they bloom again is purely based on luck and hard work on fertilising them)

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