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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Oncidium Orchids

This would be the first bloom for the year.
This had gone missing for awhile - I guess this orchid had been focusing on its growth and new productions of many psedobulbs. And the trouble is - it never flowered.

There had been a drop of temperature recently when it had been raining for few nights.
Earlier seemed be like weeks of a long dry spell with hot non-air movement nights.
But the saddest part is - only this orchid bloomed (What about the rest??)

Well, to be content with simplicity - something bloomed than nothing.
Still - I enjoy the elegance of the cascading effect of this ladies dressed in yellow.
These blooms lasted for 1-2 weeks and the whole floor is littered with fallen withered flowers - marking the end of the bloom season.

I had started the fertiliser regime now.
Sudden zeal of wanting to see more blooms and with the whole collections of fertilisers been kept of ages.
I rather finish them used here now.

Would appreciate if anyone can suggest to me any easy - secret recipe for orchids to bloom.
They seemed to be so stubborn.
I have to say that they are not the sterile type as I had seen them bloomed years ago.
Now - its all the waiting.

Till then - enjoy my white Oncidium Orchid.
Hope it gives you a new perspective of how I see plants.

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