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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Succulent & Cacti - Balcony Garden Update - 2

This one proves challenging,
I had placed Hawarthias before but 3 of them had gone rotten.
I replace with some Agaves and Mother in law Tongue
hoping that they would suck up all the excess water and moisture from that little pot.
I realised that this place seemed to take more time getting drier compared to the rest.
thus the soil were more damp than others.
I added the companion plant - Fittonia and found them doing fine.

At the round pot (previously was a waterlily pot)
faces a new challenge where these bulb based plants seemed to take the lime light (seriously)
When something overgrows - chances of it overshadowing another could lead to another problem - death of a slow growing plant.

Earlier I faced a similar problem
where mother of thousands conquered the whole place
and I had to remove all of them only to find that the were almost killed few of the cactus there.
I guess it the survival of the fittest in the plant kingdom.

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