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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sg.Buloh Nursery Shopping - 10th Jan 2015

One of the things I enjoy about shopping
is that I get to see the plants that is currently in the market.
This time I was surprised to find that the new stock had not arrived.
(not fully for the CNY shopping spree that comes together with the price hike)

I manage to get what I wanted:

1) Cane Begonia - RM14
2) 2 Rhizome Begonia - RM20
3) Rosemary - RM8
4) 2 Mini-Phal Orchids - RM30
5) Fertiliser - RM4
6) Calla Lily - RM30
7) 2 bags of pebbles - RM34
8) Figurine - RM31

The Cane Begonia came with a hangers which proves difficulty when watering
especially when the whole plant was heavy and start tilting.
The water washed out from the surface without dripping out from the drainage hole.
I manage to re-pot the whole thing and found that the only medium that was used was just coco-husk
The root ball had totally enveloped it and I have to rip open all the roots apart.
Eventually I manage to trim and prune off all the extra leaves and branches
and propagate them with high hopes that the cuttings will grow.

My family came together this time and my sons bought for these figurine
as Christmas gifts.
It is lovely indeed and sets very well in the nook of my water feature.
Reminds me of a folk tales of Sang Kancil & Kura-kura.
Thinking about it - it does reflect my sons characters.
One is slow and patient, the other well - cunning and curious.
Truly a thoughtful moment when I see them in my garden.

I have yet to reset the orchids.
(It won't last long if I just leave them in the current condition)
Most likely will do it this weekend.
I also got this fertiliser
(somehow I find that I get excited over fertilisers)
Was told that it really worked by the worker who has a garden.
Let's see if it works out well for me.

My main concern was the Rosemary.
Somehow I managed to replant all the cactus last week - Sunday
It proved quite a challenge - to fit all of them in a small balcony.
Nevertheless - since they are so small,
I manage to find all the nook, crook and corners for them and now they had all disappeared.
I didn't expect to buy so much but then I know I will still be getting them sooner or later.

My only plant that I bought out of impulse was the Calla Lily.
Now it is a great challenge for me to set them properly for them to last in my garden
as I came to know that they are not a hardy plant as I thought.
(I really thought it was an aquatic plant and I would really set well in my water pond - Wasted)

I came to know that they require a very selective condition for them to thrive.
See how it goes - currently 2 stalks had fallen from the upright position rotten.
I may have to set them properly by this weekend
(or that is the end of the plant & a very expensive lesson)

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